youtube gamers

  1. KantoGaming


    I have reached 800 Kanto Fam members!! Let me tell you, it was hard! Especially since I took a break from YouTube and came back I'm so over joyed and I never thought I would make it this far. Now onto 1,000!!
  2. Roger Baumann

    Gaming Looking for Youtube collaboration long-term partners!

    We are KOTCH (Knights of the Cimmerian Hearts) and we are 5 friends that work on this channel. Our content consist of funny moments, let's plays, vlogs, guides, horror games, gears of war, gmod, and plenty more! We have 155 subs if that matters, but your subscriber count does not matter to us...
  3. Roger Baumann

    Gaming Looking to collaborate with Youtube gamers!

    We are five friends that work on this Youtube channel together. Our full Youtube Channel name is Knights of the Cimmerian Hearts (KOTCH for short). We also go by our knight names: Sir Bloodstream - Roger Sir Rapturous - Christopher Sir Strangerspast - Austin Sir Sinister - Anthony Sir Chaddical...
  4. KantoGaming

    Carrie Fisher

    I did a speed build in the Sims 4 in remembrance of Carrie Fisher! She will be missed dearly
  5. KantoGaming


    Part one of Planet Coaster is now available to watch on my channel! Its so fun and im so excited to have another theme park game! Come join me on my channel!
  6. Toast Gaming

    Gaming Looking For PC Collaborators For Overwatch, GMod, Tabletop Simulator and More

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for short and long-term collaborations on PC. Currently, I'm creating videos on Overwatch (primarily commentaries however I would like to post more gameplays as well), GMod (primarily prop hunt, but open to others), and Tabletop Simulator (cards against humanity and...
  7. RenOperative

    Gaming Doing a recruitment drive for potential, laid back gamers to be a part of a gaming podcast/group

    TCP Recruitment drive Hello, my name is Ren Operative and I’m the co-host of The Co-Operative Podcast. I’m doing a small recruitment drive for new and diverse gamers all across the world to see if they would join us on this experience I dub “The Co-Operative Experience” which is a community of...