Gaming Doing a recruitment drive for potential, laid back gamers to be a part of a gaming podcast/group


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May 30, 2016
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TCP Recruitment drive

Hello, my name is Ren Operative and I’m the co-host of The Co-Operative Podcast. I’m doing a small recruitment drive for new and diverse gamers all across the world to see if they would join us on this experience I dub “The Co-Operative Experience” which is a community of fun loving gamers who can have a laugh and be serious within a civil, opinionated podcast. Our availability is usually on a case by case basis but the chat is always active and activities are generally regulated over the weekends with the following below. I’ll keep it simple.

What we do:

1) Gaming podcasts.

2) Let’s plays.

3) Video Game movie nights.

4) Comic book movie nights.

5) Reaction videos (death battle, to gaming news, to comics, etc.)

6) TOP 10 countdowns.

7) Make friends.

8) Interview game developers, and voice actors.


1) You must have Skype or Discord

2) You must have a mic if we’re introducing you to podcast collaborations.

3) This is a gaming community so 80 percent of it will be about gaming. Be aware.

4) You cannot get into the Skype group if you complain about Skype notifications (just a small pet peeve as of recently. Please be aware our main group is extremely active and if you can't fix the notification sounds you may want to opt out of this opporunity.)

5) You must be drama free.

6) If you’re below 17 then you’re too young.

7) You must be somewhat active in the group.

8) You must be able to follow the group rules.

9) No bullying, treat others fairly.

If you think you have what it takes then DM me at either @RenOperative_ on Twitter or add me on Skype at xheadshotgunshot and we’ll consider how you’ll fit into our gaming community. Other than that it’s all about fun so hopefully it works out for you.