youtube gamers collaboration

  1. O

    Gaming Hey there! Looking for a YouTube gaming group! (PC/Xbox ONE)

    Hey, my names Marcus. I have a YouTube channel currently called Omisga, and I have about 950 subscribers and looking for people to partner up with. My only real requirement is that you're around 15 - 25 years old. I don't really care about your subscriber count. As long as you have somewhat...
  2. RenOperative

    Gaming Searching for some potential EU gamers to co-host a gaming podcast

    Going to jump right into basics with my search here. We’re looking for reliable, non-toxic candidates who have an immense passion for playing a lot of various video games extensively, and contributing to gaming podcasts since we’re looking for more co-hosts for our EU division in the long term...
  3. bloodmoney207

    Gaming Looking for a collaboration partner (PC/XBOXONE)

    i got a gaming channel up on youtube and it has been up for some time now i upload daily but im getting a upload schedule together because of late theres so much content on my channel to this point i have not gotten around to getting it out there or working with other people so now here i am...
  4. Roger Baumann

    Gaming Looking for Youtube collaboration long-term partners!

    We are KOTCH (Knights of the Cimmerian Hearts) and we are 5 friends that work on this channel. Our content consist of funny moments, let's plays, vlogs, guides, horror games, gears of war, gmod, and plenty more! We have 155 subs if that matters, but your subscriber count does not matter to us...
  5. Mr Softy

    Gaming Looking for like minded gamer/s to collab with on either PS4 or PC

    Hey all. Im looking for like minded people to do some collaborations with. Im a high energy PS4 and PC gamer looking to reach out and connect with other content creators. Reason for collaboration: I just want to promote my channel in a positive way with other like minded youtubers and have fun...
  6. Toast Gaming

    Gaming Looking For PC Collaborators For Overwatch, GMod, Tabletop Simulator and More

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for short and long-term collaborations on PC. Currently, I'm creating videos on Overwatch (primarily commentaries however I would like to post more gameplays as well), GMod (primarily prop hunt, but open to others), and Tabletop Simulator (cards against humanity and...