youtube friends

  1. J

    Gaming Looking for people to make a XBOX gaming group

    I’m JayJayXI but you can call me Jayden, I’m 16 yrs of age and am looking for people around my age to make a group of friends who basically just play together and have funny moments, for example like Fitz. I need 2 or 3 more people ages 14-18 and have an Xbox, be somewhat funny and comment down...
  2. Mr. Fox

    Voice Acting VOICE ACTORS NEEDED!!

    Hiyaa! I'm looking for a voice actors for a project of mine, I have multiple projects (Mainly Short Countdowns):help: Mostly of the roles are fairly short and simple. It's very easy only narrations. Check-out my youtube channel to know, what is my channel all about. Email Me if Your Interested...
  3. Mr. Fox


    Well, I do creepy chànnel where I make creepy videos like 3 true stories of ghost encounter kinda story tellings, well I would if anyone wanna collab with me, well I have anyone channel called Fact Buzz In it, I make like countdowns you check it! Whichever you like you can collab with me! I...
  4. Mr. Fox

    Voice Acting Voice Actors Needed!

    Hiyaa! I'm looking for a male or female voice actors for a project of mine, I have multiple projects (mainly short countdowns) coming up, that I'm going to be needing a handful of voice actors for that, Most of the roles are fairly short and simple. Well, i lost my Old Channel in that i had lot...
  5. Mr. Fox

    Voice Acting Looking for Male/Female Voice Actors

    Hiyaa! I'm looking for a male or female voice actors for a project of mine relating to my channel I'm working on. Email Me if Your Interested : Or Comment!
  6. Mr. Fox

    Voice Acting Voice Actor Needed For YouTube Video!!

    Am having Voice acting channel called Foxdairies, Haha if anyone interested to collab with or Can help in Voice Acting some videos!! Well You Can Email Me if Your Interested : Or Comment!
  7. JenniferBiana

    Beauty/Makeup Collabing and youtube friends!

    Hi guys, I want to collab w someone on youtube! meetups or long distance are both cool :) Not sure what to collab on, but im open to any ideas! I love fashion and makeup so maybe lookbooks or makeup challenge videos? Check out my channel to see if we would be a good fit! : Jenniferbiana (sorry...
  8. Angie Melon

    How to make YouTube friends..?

    So the main reason I joined this site was to make YouTube friends. Like, I wanted to make some internet friends that were around the same age as me, with similar content as me and stuff like that. But it didn't exactly happen. All that I got were a bunch of people trying to get me to sub to them...
  9. Vivian King

    Would anyone like to be YouTube friends?

    Hello, I started this forum about 2 days ago and am looking for YouTube friends. Would any of you be interested? Possibly collaborating.:)
  10. T

    Gaming Looking to play Gmod with someone

    Requirements: Must be 15 or older. Content must be good and entertaining. idc about sub count. (anything's better than none, right?) Must upload to your channel also (preferably frequently). Must live in North America or be flexible with time. I would like multiple people to all come and play...
  11. Max Loytd

    How can I find you tube friends

    I have started youtube and just want some internet friends that do youtube so I can talk to them about it. How did you guys find your friends?
  12. BeautyStarGal

    Beauty/Makeup Beauty collabs and/or youtube friends

    Hai! My name is Rose! I am looking for people to collab with and/or youtube friends :twins: I'm 13 and I make beauty videos on youtube. :bounce: I could do a collab on makeup tutorials, beauty Hacks, prom videos, hair tutorials... basically any beauty videos which younger audience would watch...
  13. NRMRDyt

    Other Anyone Wanna Become YouTube Friends? (Helping Each Other Along The Way To Success)

    Hey, My Name Is Noor I am a Canadian YouTuber Who mostly makes skits, challenges, and diy vids. I have been on YouTube for 4 years now on different channels, and I am ready to dedicate to this one (NRMRD) Anyone wanna be YouTube friends? Along the way to success and fame, we help each other...
  14. R

    Comedy 12,13,14 professional YouTubers to be friends and collab together West Midlands Coventry

    Hey my names Rhys and my channel is Rhys I want to make some YouTube friends not only to collab with but also just to talk to I hope you guys are willing to meet up aswel I live in Coventry near Birmingham in the U.K. If so contact me