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  1. Your Buddy Gas

    Profile picture not updating in search results

    I wanted to have a really good background and decided to delete the icon while testing my background. I still had my profile picture. Than my profile pic didn't show up in search results. I decided to add the profile picture to the background again, but it's not updating in the search results...
  2. R

    Received a 3rd Copyright Strike on My Channel

    Hi, 2 of my previous videos were copyright striked due to anime footage I used, which a Japanese company Didn't want. So that's fine, one of the strikes were due to expire in 2 days anyway. The real problem is the 3rd strike. A youtuber by the username Suzy lu, copyright striked my video titled...
  3. Minecraftreaperful

    Struggling with Q&A Fridays

    So on my channel i do something every Friday called q and a Friday which i basically go through the questions throughout the week and answer them but i haven't been getting any questions and i dont want my q and a Friday to die is there any way i could ya know get more out there and get some...
  4. B

    Set Google Local Listing to manage my account

    Hi, I am currently trying to use a single Google account to manage Google+, YouTube, Google My Business etc. On YouTube, there are two Google accounts that control my channel. One is my personal Google+ account and the other is my Google Local Listing. I would like to use my Local Listing...