you collaboration

  1. sequan123

    Best thing?

    What is the best thing that happened to you on youtube?
  2. sequan123

    Find Video?

    Should you really aim for the low competition because your video will most likely to show in my opinion on youtube
  3. sequan123


    Hey guys i was wondering does tags ranks you higher in an search because i am testing that theory for days now.
  4. sequan123


    Hey guys what are ya best accomplishments ever
  5. sequan123

    How long should a description be?

    Hey guys I wanted to ask how long should your description be when making a video
  6. sequan123

    Channel Design

    Hey guys can you give me suggestions on how to design my channel or you can just look at my channel and tell me what to improve on.
  7. sequan123

    Goals for 2016

    hey guys basically my goals for 2016 are to Get to 400 subs At least 1,000 views and to have 100 likes these are my goals for youtube in 2016
  8. sequan123


    Hey guys my question is whats the purpose of thumbnails? and what it means to you because my thumbnails not all that Important for my content
  9. sequan123

    200 subs

    Hey guys im almost at 200 subs thanks to yttalk and also ive been recruted to faze so i will be more active and if anyone wants to show support dont hesitate
  10. sequan123

    What should be the next backround music used in my sniping video ?

    hey guys just list me some good backround music for my next sniping video
  11. Becky Keegan

    The YOU Collaboration||Episode 1: Bullying

    Welcome to the first episode of The YOU Collaboration! Today we talk about Bullying, what it is defined as, specific experiences and we talk to the bullies out there directly. This collaboration is, as the name suggests, to help YOU, with certain personal issues you may face in life. Guys...