xbox 360

  1. S

    Gaming Any one with a 360 collab

    Collab with any one with a 360 And a couple subs. If interested Skype: Skepticz 01 Discord: Skepticz #2347
  2. VenomousCarnage

    Gaming I am looking to collab games on Xbox One/360

    I am currently looking for some YouTubers to collab with me playing games on Xbox one or 360. I live in the UK so around the same time zone would be best. 15-21 Ages please If you are interested send me a message on my GT on reply to the thread GT- CreditedFire914
  3. Forrz

    Gaming Black Ops 2 Xbox Collab

    Hey y'all I want to record Black Ops 2 with ppl soon add me on Discord my Discord is Forr_z#0795 my Xbox Gamertag is ForrzPlayz hit me up to play and record together
  4. Forrz

    Gaming BO2 and Other Games Collab?

    I have very few subscribers and am working on my first video, a CoD BO2 Commentary, and I want to record with other people. I play on Xbox 360 and my G-Tag is ForrzPlayz. I will also play other games, like Gmod, Friday 13th, Shellshock, and other games. If interested in a collab, I have a...
  5. Tyson Jones

    Gaming XBOX ONE or XBOX 360 Collab

    I am a small youtuber that uploads daily. I have been posting let's plays but only because I have no youtubers to work with. (I will reply on here)
  6. M

    Gaming Looking For a Team of 5!

    I am a small youtuber that would like to do a series, I'm looking for five people with all the following thing... 1. This series will be on Minecraft for the Xbox 360 2. You need a Gold membership (obviously) 3. You need a microphone 4. You need two be between the ages 10-15 also this is a...
  7. SirSoySauce

    Gaming Looking for a Collab! {PS4/PC/XBOX 360}

    Hey guys! I've been looking for people to collab with recently. If you are interested in playing games such as Overwatch, Black Ops 3, Modern Warfare Remastered, etc. then let me know and I'll be happy to respond to you! I hope to make a few friends in the process and I am excited to get started!
  8. Z

    Gaming Collab, all you gotta do is talk

    I just need someone with an Xbox 360 or Xbox one (with 360 games) to talk with while I record the commentary and gameplay. You don't need to have a YouTube channel just an Xbox one or 360 and a working mic/headset. You don't need Xbox live gold either. Message me on Xbox at: Coolbarracuda If...
  9. CatTagz

    LOTS OF PROGRESS!! Terraria... ep 5

    Today what i got for yah is episode 5 of our Terraria lets play series, so here is some info about it. Its a Terraria lets play in a world called CatTagz Universe on Xbox 360 and this is the 5th episode. I hope you enjoy ;)
  10. CatTagz

    Just started a brand new gaming channel - feedback please?

    Hi there I'm Leo or CatTagz and only 2 days ago I started a brand new channel with the main topic being gaming. I mainly do gaming lets plays and funny montages and the games I have uploaded by the time of writing this is Goat Simulator and Terraria on Xbox 360. I have been doing YouTube for...
  11. C

    Gaming Minecraft Xbox 360 Crew

    Hi im looking for a minecraft xbox 360 crew iv'e got 3 members already and if you join you will be on my friends list and when we record a video you will mute your self so only you can hear me unless were doing stuff like murder mystery, battle mode, and other mini games so please consider...
  12. 42Blazing

    Gaming Town Of Salem And Attack On Titan Tribute (+Xbox 360)

    Looking for people to play those games with. We can also do Xbox but i don't have my normal tv right now so I'm not sure if i could use my capture card on it. I have 162 subs and don't mind if you are lower or higher than me.
  13. 42Blazing

    Gaming Town Of Salem Collab (or xbox 360 games)

    I dont have access to my PS4 for rn so i dont really have many things to play but id like to do some collaborations!! I'm also up to play the Attack On Titan Tribute game.
  14. Chewsba

    Gaming Looking for YouTube gaming group

    You probably don't want to read a novel so let's get this done pretty fast. My name is Chewsba, i'm 16 and i'm looking for some people to play multiple games with me and be able to have some fun moments and to be able to create some awesome content. I have every console, PS3, PS4, XB1, XB360...
  15. Grizzly Guernsey Gamer

    DARK SOULS | Grizzly Gem

    Hello Ladies & Gents! After trying all the games sequels and prequels of the Dark Souls franchise for my 'Souls Month' of content; I thought it was about time to finish things off with the game that started everything off: The original Dark Souls for Xbox 360, PS3 & PC. In this video I recount...
  16. J

    Gaming Xbox One or PC Collaboration

    Need To Have Skype Either Xbox One or PC Good Channel Branding ( profile pic, banner, thumbnails) Good Editing 13 Years Old And Up Active YouTube Channel Good Microphone For Recording Your Videos And Talking In Game Chat **EXCEPTIONS CAN BE MADE** YouTube Channel: Jon1625 My Games And Social...
  17. Scott Allen

    Gaming Looking For A small Group to work with on a New youtube Channel Mainly Xbox 360/Xbox one

    Im looking to start up a new gaming channel Mainly xbox one or 360 (eventually pc when i get the capture software sorted) Preferably someone who is experianced and has done this before. doing stuff like Achievement guides, playthroughs, and mainy having a good laugh on sandbox games like gta. im...
  18. G

    Gaming Looking for Xbox 360 youtubers. (100 subs)

    Hello Im a small youtuber 400+ subs i like to record on gta 5 or Black Ops 2 i have more games aswell. Im looking for a youtuber that is funny Nice and has a awesome personality Requirements: To have a Good recording device a good mic atleast 100 subs if you are Close to 100 Then i can maka...
  19. ChasetotheFinish

    Gaming Collab for PS4 Livestreamers and more

    Hello thanks for clicking on this thread. I am a youtube gaming streamer that is hoping to work with other streamers with over 500 subs. This may seam like a lot to the beginning streamer but in the end this is a very small requirement. The only requirements for this Collab/Collabs will be the...
  20. I

    Gaming Xbox 360 Cod bo zombies 1 ,2 or 3 collab

    Xbox 360 users collab for call of duty Black ops zombies 1, 2 or 3 no subs over 50- and mics recording software /w skype My gamertag Zerxio a average mic , No chill please i make offensive jokes average players only and fun ones to ^_^ Attemps for funny moments, high rounds and the easter egg...
  21. DemendraHD

    Wannabe Hacker on Xbox Live

  22. carlo202

    Gaming Who wants to do like a sidemen group

    I have a pc, Xbox360, Ps3 and I'm getting Ps4 in 14 days I have a Elgato HD60 Game Capture (but not bothered what game capture you have) I want to create like a Sidemen group where we play like random games on Xbox360/pc/Ps3/Ps4 and possibly other consles :) :help:
  23. G

    Gaming Xbox 360 collab!!

    Hello Im armin and i am looking for People to collab with on Xbox i am 15 and i live in Sweden i currently have 400+ subs and i have Xbox 360 but planing to get ps4. I want to make creative and funny vids. Requirements to have a Good mic to have elgato or hdpvr No squeakers Plz To have...
  24. ChasetotheFinish

    Gaming Long Term Xbox 360 GTA Online Colab (roleplays and More!)

    Hi I am a GTA Youtuber and I post Content every Tues. Weds. and Fri. If you play GTA V On the XBOX 360 and would love to be in my videos all you need it 200subs Min and be at least 14yrs old. I am excepting everyone that can fit in this crew! http:/ /socialclub. rockstargames .com/ crew/...
  25. chriskioonegamergang

    Gaming Do you own a XBOX 360