1. E

    Gaming Looking for Someone to Collaborate with in WWE2k

    I’m looking to find someone who wants to make storylines and matches with me like Gore and Perkins because I tend to find myself stuck coming up with new ideas. If anyone is interested you can reach me on my PS account I_AM_OZ0NE_
  2. Cory91

    Commentary Wrestling Channel Collaboration

    Hey everybody, For those of you, who are wrestling fans we may have to work together. We created a channel acting like we understand wrestling more than anybody, we're cocky and that's the joke. Anybody interested in coming up with an idea for a collab. Reach out we'd love to work with you!
  3. Ent Ashy

    Gaming Any Wrestling Fans?

    Hi, my name is Ashy & I used to make gaming videos on my channel but I want to start uploading Wrestling content to my channel. I’m looking for someone who shares the same interest in Wrestling as me. I would like to make podcast type video were we review, make predictions, share reaction &...
  4. Le316King

    WWE and NBA Top 10 Videos

    Hey guys just uploaded two new videos adding some of the feedback I have been getting. To add music, intro outro, etc. Still looking for any recommendations or tips to help channel continue to grow. Below I have two video one of WWE 2k another one of NBA 2k. Let me know what you guys think
  5. Le316King

    Any WWE 2K Online Players in here?

    Looking to build an already established online community for 2k19. This group plays nice long epic matches usually extreme iron man and tag. We enjoy the game and play fair so its fun and not frustrating like the usual "spam matches" you see online. If you would like to join these private...
  6. K

    Commentary Looking to join wrestling or gaming podcast

    Just want to have fun talking wrestling or games with good people
  7. K

    Gaming Looking for ps4 gamers female and male to be YouTube friends with and collab

    I mostly play like 2k Wwe A little overwatch Friday the 13th Naruto Destiny Warfare Nba live Battlefield 1 Rocket league (for fun) But down to play other games Just want to find people who wants to have fun on YouTube but not just guys I want to have a diversity it doesn't have to be a group...
  8. Neo-Reality Entertainment

    Commentary Neo-Reality Podcast looking for potential guests!

    Back in April, I started a Podcast, which is an extension of the My Thoughts/Our Thoughts series, back in April since one of my friends moved away, called Neo-Reality Podcast, with another friend as the first guest, then I attempted to find another guest for the next few months, and finally...
  9. Michael Copeland

    Commentary WWE Wrestling Podcast

    I am wanting to do a wrestling podcast, more specially, WWE podcast. I am looking for 3 people who like wrestling that would like to join in on the podcast. Requirements Have a good quality microphone. Be at least 18 or older. Likes wrestling. If anyone wants to be part of this podcast...
  10. Michael Copeland

    Commentary Wrestlemania 33 podcast (18-25)

    Hello. My name is Michael and a friend and I are going to do a podcast about one of biggest event in wrestling, Wrestlemania 33. If anybody is interested in being part of podcast reply here. Requirements: Good microphone Skype and/or discord Age: 18-25.
  11. SaLGames

    Gaming I Need Some WWE 2K17 Players!

    If you play WWE 2K17 Let me know! My Channel: SaLGames Twitter: @Salimo979
  12. K

    Gaming Ps4 Looking to collab with people that are funny but don't curse too much lol

    BTW my videos are loud at times just to prepare you Check out my channel to see if our channel is similar We just like to have fun and make the games interesting Mostly play NBA 2K17 and WWE 2K17 and NO CHEESERS OR GLITCHERS!!!! But we are down to play other multiplayer games If you are...
  13. Meloxy

    Paige Shows Eva Marie Her New Tattoo | Total Divas, January 5, 2017

    Paige shows Eva Marie her new tattoo of her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio's name.
  14. SherlockCupid

    New Pro Wrestling video! Alex Cupid Vs Darell Allen (clip)

    Here is a clip from my match at Full House Wrestling against Dazzling Darrell Allen. Really fun match. Will upload the full match soon. In the meantime.... Follow me: @IamAlexCupid Follow my opponent: @DazzlerWrestler
  15. Meloxy

    Carmella & Natalya Segment (HD)

    New video is up! Check it out:
  16. SeanFace101

    WWE Smackdown Glasgow: Superstars In Ring & More! Amazing! (SSE Hydro) 08 Nov 16

  17. Meloxy

    Nikki Bella vs. Carmella (Nov. 15, 2016)

    New video is up. Check it out.
  18. SeanFace101

    WWE Smackdown Glasgow Crowd Going Wild (Shane McMahon, Daniel Bryan & More!

    WWE Smackdown: Glasgow SSE Hydro (08 Nov 2016) Shane McMahon, Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles & More! The Crowd is Going Wild at The Hydro... I recorded this video from my seat where I was sitting with my boy Jak.
  19. Miketastic

    WWE SLAM CRATE! Unboxing

    Its been awhile since I made a video, feedback would be nice, and I believe I'm The First person to make an unbox video for WWE's Loot Crate program. Think this will give me a boost?
  20. Kass

    Greatest channel trailer ever??

    I mean, it has a limited edition custom made Keemstar and Bashurverse WWE 2K15 in game characters, Jinx saying his classic line,''ooh fiestly lil thing'', 60 pictures of John Cena in 10 seconds, an old school 5..4..3..2..1.. black and white intro and some sick sounds from NCS! Does it get any...
  21. MegaCrasher

    WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Reaction/Results + SETH ROLLINS RETURNS!!!!!

    Wow! What a PPV that went from predictable and slightly above average to something that blew me away and shocked a lot of us WWE fans! Logo and Music by WWE! Intro/Outro by Cynthia Customs! My 2nd channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbQHxDXrWpU7AES8PHFLnIQ Twitter...
  22. MegaCrasher

    Thoughts On Daniel Bryan Retiring From WWE + Looking Back On My Favorite Moments

    It's a sad day for WWE and wrestling fans. We have one of the best wrestlers in the company today hanging up his gear due to medical reasons. You will be missed Daniel Bryan. #ThankYouDanielBryan Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoreySpikeChase Google...
  23. Shipyard Club

    Voice Acting WWE Voice Actors- Needed For Series

    Hi guys, I'm hoping to make a weekly series on WWE 2K16, where I book my version of WWE on Universe Mode. To make the experience more real (and so it's not just my boring voice all the time) I'm looking for some voice actors to play a variety of superstars in WWE. Voices I most need are: John...
  24. Comaxi

    Request A comedy and WWE intro

    I am looking for somebody that could make me an intro that i could have for free, it doesn't have to be great as i am not yet getting too many viewers. If you could do this please contact comaxi123@gmail.com