1. Jenelly

    What's a good network to join for Tutorial Channels?

    Hello, I hope this is the right location for me to post my question, if not then please feel free to move my post else where. anyhoo i have been on a youtube break for a while and i really miss creating tutorial guides. I use to be on some small network but i guess their was issues and as i...
  2. LovelyWillow

    Gaming Creating my first youtube channel. LF PC Gamers

    Hey Everyone. The name's Willow. I'm putting together my first youtube channel as like a little personal project and I'm looking for people to maybe play some games with. I'm open to many games but I don't have the biggest budget right now. Please be mature and professional. Games I currently...
  3. RJ Matthews

    Gaming Looking for PC Collabs! 100+ Subs Please!!

    What's up guys?! I'm a new YouTuber with 156 subscribers and I find myself stuck a bit. I'm looking for someone who's funny, and enjoys playing overwatch, world of warcraft and H1Z1 KOTK to stream with and make videos with, and ultimately grow our channels together! I look forward to working...