1. mariaMary

    Services Finding love in a virtual world

    Online dating has dramatically transformed the landscape of romantic connections, providing a virtual space for people to meet, connect, and build relationships. The impact on the lesbian dating scene in Baltimore has been substantial, offering both opportunities and challenges. 1. Increased...
  2. Pixel_James

    Comedy Giant International Collab!

    Hi! Two years ago I released a video of me dancing, without any emotion, to Macintosh Plus - yaknow, that meme. Well, we want to go bigger. And I mean BIGGER! We're making a follow-up to this, where instead of me seated for 6 minutes, I am in various locations around South Australia. But, we...
  3. J7409

    Other Wanted Weather and all Strange Sky sighting Calabers

    Hi, I am looking for people that would like to calab about weather and all strange sky sightings. If you are interested , jot me a note at I have a little over 18,000 subs. Look forward to hearing from some of you, if you are interested in growing your channel...
  4. M

    Commentary Hey, i'm up for a collaboration

    The collaboration, at the moment, can be mostly commentary, or some not high performance demanding games. It would be about the gaming world, whatever topic there. I have 5 subscribers if that'd be a problem.
  5. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Hawaii Adventures!!

  6. ShawnMcCallum

    Vlog 5 Cities. 5 Perspectives. 5 Vibes. 1 Mission. Let's Collaborate.

    I have an Idea. Maybe 5 of us in different cities all set out on a similar mission that spans one day. We Record TimeLapses and showcase our environment. Cut short vlog segments to illustrate the vibes of our respective cities. I then compile everyones footage and cut the juxtaposing point of...
  7. Geetz

    Other Want to collab, my channel is about self-help, motivation and showing a different world perspective

    Hey! I'm kinda just starting off on YouTube with not many views or subs at all, haha. My channel is based on making a difference in the world or just being able to help one person going through a struggle. I cover such topics as depression, heartbreak, religion and also some fun lighter stuff...
  8. Johnnie's Random World

    Feedback on what you like and what i can improve on

    Hello everyone I started my channel two months ago. I came up with the title Johnnie's Random World because i wanted to do something different. I didn't want to do a set topic because i'm not organized in real life and everything i do is pretty random. So i would just like some feedback, just to...