1. Amaturecoffeebean


    Hey ya'll! Jeremy here from Australia. I'm a video editor looking to work for a fellow content creator/s. If you're interested hit me up! I am willing to any sort of style of video you like; gaming, vlog, beauty, tutorial, etc. Doesn't matter where you are in the world, the best part about...
  2. M

    Other Looking to start a podcast!

    Hey guys, I've really wanted to start a podcast for a while. I want to discuss whatever's relevant at the time, you'll have a say in this as well. I'm looking for mature people, no squeakers. I need you around for 1 video (45mins?) a week or so. If you join this expect you'll be bonding...
  3. alilouk

    Gaming Looking For Gamers For A New Brand!

    Hello guys! My name is Alilouk. I am the CEO and founder of TGW (The gaming warehouse) . TGW is a worldwide gaming team which serves as a safe haven for many gamers and content creators who aspire to become better at what they do. TGW has started off as a Faction on a Minecraft server but is...
  4. Rozcoe

    Animation In need of Artists

    Hey guys my name is Rozcoe. I am creating my very own animated web series on YouTube. I already have a team for scripts and musicians working on the soundtrack. What I am looking for is concept artists and background artists. I'm not just looking for professionals, so if you're somewhat good...
  5. M

    How important is social media?

    Hello all, This is my second attempt at starting a youtube channel.. i was discouraged the first time because people kept telling me that on top of making my videos, i HAD to keep up with social media and it was already a lot of working keeping up with the youtube side of things nevermind a...
  6. FrankCos

    Quick vlog testing an in-phone editing app

    So I put this together using old footage and an iPhone editing app (dubsuite). Pretty quick and dirty, but I thought it was a good experience. Thoughts? Questions? ALSO: I'm looking for recommendations for other apps to enhance my iPhone shooting and editing game. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  7. Justoshow

    YouTube and CO-WORKERS?!

    For those that have jobs (Full or Part-time), do your co workers know about your channel? Part of me wants to tell my coworkers, but I'm going to start my vlogging adventure this weekend (I'm excited, I've planned out a structure and ways to be different) and I'm somewhat afraid to let some of...
  8. JestemBART


    Hey! I'm looking for someone that can make an intro and some other cool s***e for my vids! I'll upload the done work on my channel and give you as much promo as I can! I would like something in the Lil Uzi Vert style climates so If here's anyone that can make this kind of thing let me know! I...
  9. UndergroundSeries

    Request Intro Request - $3 Paypall

    Hey I am looking for someone who can make a paid intro for me 2D, or 3D. I would like a intro that has - Some action in it, use your creativity - Music with no copyright - 10 SEC Max Duration - MP4 format - File size not larger than 1GB - My logo in it (transparant, or fits in the backround) I...
  10. Rintaro Animations

    Request Logo for 14 YTalk cash?

    Hey, so I'm a new abridge channel, and I was thinking I want an actual logo and channel art instead of what I made on windows paint, and I can't offer much but a little bit of Forum cash... But if your willing to help me that'd be great! Thanks... Someone...?
  11. gerard loughran

    Is Youtube Work or Fun?

    Did anyone start there YouTube channel hoping to grow it into a career or full time work? Or was it just for a hobbie and some fun? What was your main reasons for starting a channel? I started mine because I am a bit of clown anysay lol and I had to stop playing sports and didn't have much...
  12. Branden Morales


  13. Scooterbean Videos

    Working To Hard?

    Now I want to start off by saying, YouTube isn't really work. Its a hobby that yes some people can get paid from, but most of us do it for fun. There is people who put a lot into their channel just to make it more watchable for their viewers, some more than others. Is there a point where you're...
  14. DeepU

    Music Collaborate ,Youtube , House Music , Channels

    Hey i search people who want to join in to make Deep U Channel a bigger and better Or who want's to collaborate with Channel's . If you interested contact me here or : Check the channel :)
  15. JJisawesome

    Finally after a Year LOL i reached my goal

    I Recently hit 50 Subscribers on my Youtube channel and it is such a pleasure and surprise to see people interested enough to like my content. After hitting a few rough spots over the year I am glad to say I have persevered and haven't quit like everybody was telling me too.
  16. That BioMechanical Dude

    Being productive with a lot of ideas

    I have a lot of ideas... All the time. The thing about my mind is that it needs to be constantly occupied... And even when it is, I get all these different creative ideas, a lot of which are worth exploring. Ideas about videos, about stories, drawings, music, etc. When I get an idea, I also get...
  17. Prateek


    Hola Youtubers! So basically I've uploaded two videos already and my annotations wont appear in my video even though I have already set it up. I thought it was a glitch at first but apparently it's been like that for the next video as well. I don't know what to do, apparently I can't see them...
  18. Ans Marie

    Request Channel Trailer and Video Intro Needed

    At the moment I do not have a channel trailer or intro for my videos. I would love to have so help creating ideas and animations for these projects. If you want to check out what types of videos I make here is my channel To contact me my twitter, and instagram are...