vsp group

  1. M

    [Screenshots]Yoola Network doesn't respond to release request, THEN adds me in a 3 month queue.

    Yoola Network doesn't respond to release request, adds me a 3 month queue after months. I had requested to leave Yoola Network (at the time it was called VSP Group) but they straight-up didn't answer. Finally after months, they give a reasonable answer to my direct chat request, which lead me...
  2. Gamiefy

    Heard of Youpartnervsp or VSP group network?

    So I was searching for a network that offers withdrawal option other than PayPal since it's not supported here. So i came to this one, YoupartnerVSP or Youpartnerwsp. I read all their FAQ but didn't find anything about contract length or type. Searched for review and couldn't find that either...