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  1. S

    Voice Acting Need voice actors

    Hello, I am looking for someone who can voice as Sebastian from Black Butler. In the future, I am planning some comic dubs or manga dubs of Black Butler. Let me know if you want to voice as him. I can give out the information and the scripts on what to say.
  2. S

    Voice Acting Looking for voice actresses

    Hi everyone my name is Kasumi and I need two girls to do a voice acting on a comic dub I am working on and i need someone who can do bing chan and opera in this one comic Contact me on twitter Kasumi90 for further details
  3. javacentral

    Voice Acting Male voice actor here with plenty of voices!

    I've done YouTube for a year, quit and realized I love teaching, ranting and just taking about things. I teach a class for my primary job and have done other little side gigs and movies with friends. Voices? I have my normal one, a deep one, my SpongeBob one, old person one (with and without...
  4. Y

    Voice Acting Looking For Female Voice Actress for Total war : warhammer 2

    Hey all I am looking for a female voice actress for an upcoming project starting end of next month. I have had small success with my previous voice acting campaign and would like to do something similar for the new game which come out on 28th Sept 2017. Check out my channel and look for voice...