vlogging videos

  1. C

    Vlog Ideas?

    Hi! I'm planning on starting up my vlog channel soon but I don't have any ideas! Does anyone have any? If so, please reply with any you might have! It would help a lot!
  2. MorphMackenzie

    Vlog Looking for a Collab?

    So my channel is quite small and I want to grow it, I am looking to help get out there and looking to help with other YouTubers on their channel and have them help me with a video or two? If you want to know more let me know and we can exchange idea's Morph
  3. W

    How to become big on YouTube?

    So I've been doing youtube for about 5 years, but I started a new channel around 3 months ago and it's going pretty well. I make comedy vlogs and skits and have almost 300 subscribers and almost 10k views, nothing amazing but I'm pretty happy with it! From you guys that have done it yourself...
  4. DeathByVlog

    My Latest Vlog - Please Review

    Hey guys! I just uploaded my latest Vlog and would like to hear your opinions. My goal is to keep creating entertaining content every week and I want to be sure I am captivating my viewers. 1. Would you change anything for future videos? 2. How is the editing and should I stick with this style...
  5. DaRealApollo

    What is better: Gaming style or Vlog style?

    I run a part comedy part gaming channel, and I have been for a year. Recently, I got into making a sort of rant sort of video. It's like a rant/complaint/life story/hyperbolic interpretation of social life video with a moral at the end. To fulfill the part gaming part of my channel, I include...