view growth

  1. VRONA

    Do Your Videos Have a View Growth Pattern?

    Looking at my Channel, I discovered that all my videos follow a pattern for gaining views. The first one is for my Pokémon TCG opening videos. They get the most views on my channel, around 50-70 each. They get a whole bunch of views the minute they are published, yet that quick increase in...
  2. VRONA

    Do Inactive Subscribers Matter?

    So with only 15 views per video and around 2 comments a month with 146 subscribers, it's pretty clear most/all of them are inactive. So what can I do about it? Plus does it really matter, esspecially while a channel is as small and unsuccsesful as mine?
  3. Tarek 47

    Many Views But Few Likes

    Hi, guys, I'm new member here and I have youtube channel with more than 1700 subscribers my channel has more than 2 years old and I was making videos but not regular like 1 video in 3 months or more so I wasn't worried about views and likes and comments in the start I was making different...
  4. avrona

    How Can I Promote My Channel More?

    So I've been doing YouTube for 3 and a half years, yet I only get around 12 views per video, so I really want to do more promotion, but no matter where I look, I just find things I already do. So any more ideas anyone?
  5. Sk Jony

    Reach 800,000 Views

    Thanks a lot all of my YTTalk friends to reach my channel a biggest milestone. I know it was no a big milestone but it was a huge for my dead channel. I hope this milestone increase my activity to work on my CHANNEL.
  6. martingray360

    48h estimated views constantly the same... why

    My channel is very new, just entered 2nd month. Until 2-3 days ago daily views fluctuated from 1000 to 3800 on weekends. Now they are constantly on 2500 estimated views for last 48h. Occasionally it drops to 2400 but quickly go back to 2500 and stay there. Is that normal? Why YT is doing that...
  7. Ermelin

    800+ views in 4 days ? Are they REAL views?

    Hi guys, I had received over 800 views on one of my vlogs in the last 4 days. I usually get anything from 0-40 views, except for another 2 vlogs that I got 400+ views and 1,400+ views. I wonder if people are finding my vlogs due to the title or if they are fake views? Spam? I see that the...
  8. Joshua Solano

    I already have 20 subscribers with almost 2000 views on my channel!

    Hi! As you've read in the thread, I've got 20 subscribers with almost 2000 views! That's mental. The amount of effort I've put in the channel is quite gruesome, but worth it. Check out my channel guys and help Maharlika grow! :) Search these terms if you have time: kickass Filipina actress who...
  9. Anjim

    Does Adword Boost Your Subs And Views?

    I was just wondering should you invested in some money and uses google adwords to get your channel off the ground quickly. As for me, I am investing right now on adword to promote channels and I don't want my bank account to be clean that's option 2. Option 1 is collab, networking and creating...
  10. louis walters

    Really struggling with youtube

    youtube just seems to be getting worse for me, i can barely get any views on my videos and ive been stuck on the same amount of subscribers for ages now, i think the only people that view it is friends and family, i do everything by the book, i don't buy things etc, it just feels like sometimes...
  11. Aljaž

    What do you think?

    Here's my video on Thailand, share your opinion down below please, any tips?
  12. iVariety

    Would love a Channel Review

    Hey all! To make things short, I have been grwoing in subscribers (average around 3 a day) but my view count stays the same on most of my videos. I usually only get about 30-50 views per videos (small for my channel size). Also, I have had a video that hit 28k views and I am worried that all...