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  2. Jon Wodzisz

    Best completely free iOS manual video app

    what is the best iOS manual video app for raw and changing things like iso, shutter speed and all of that ish? I found ones that are paid but not that are free.
  3. D

    Short Film Videographer looking to collab

    hi all, would like to collab with singer or band, to create music video location, Liverpool / Manchester UK thanks
  4. K

    Let me know how I can improve this short video

    please give feedback <3
  5. K

    I want to improve my videography.

    I have one of the best channels on the internet, and I am a filmmaker wishing to grow my audience I have been doing it for a month and so far have been very successful, I have done no advertising up to this point, but I want to expand to a larger audience as I know people will enjoy my content...
  6. ItsJustJames


    Good day all, Having a blast making Youtube videos so far. Your comments, thoughts and critiques are welcomed and appreciated. Many thanks! James. ************************************** LATEST 10 Minutes In "I dip into a wide variety games and bring you a quick 10 minute montage."...