video production

  1. D

    Video Production - Help

    Hey Guys, I am from Texas and looking for the best video production company that can help to produce my business videos. I searched on Google and saw some companies on the top. Is any other option to choose from? If anyone knows, please feel free to share. Thanks in Advance.
  2. V

    Vlog Looking for vloggers who are in video production

    It looking for vloggers who are in the video production and video marketing field to do some work with. Also vloggers who know about video equipment would be good too.
  3. D

    Short Film Videographer looking to collab

    hi all, would like to collab with singer or band, to create music video location, Liverpool / Manchester UK thanks
  4. jd_techsetupgear

    Script? Or jotting notes down?

    Hey guys, I wanted to see what you all find the most effective for your videos. Do you write a full script? Or jot some notes down as point to discuss? I'm curious because I take multiple reshoots for my videos trying to be more concise in my videos and just wanted to see what works for you guys.
  5. B

    Other My youtube channel about airsoft gameplay, video productions

    Hi, If you like to see videos about airsoft gaming, video editing, video productions take a look at my channel and watch some of the short productions recently posted. If you would like to collaborate to help each other, i am looking forward to meet you. Cheers
  6. mariahgrace

    Making Thumbnails

    How can I make good thumbnails without spending money?
  7. Miranda Gene

    free editing programs

    are there any good free video editing programs out there?
  8. Viveak

    Tips on shooting with a smartphone.

    I wanted some tips on shooting with a smartphone because I only have that right now. I use a galaxy s6.
  9. TechSquizz

    Our Latest & BEST video - What do you think?

    Look we started a new channel. We have no subscribers and we are starting from the bottom. My other channel had 120 but we thought we needed to start fresh with a new name that is marketable and stick to a schedule of uploading regularly and also commit to a format and making everything uniform...
  10. WeKanGame

    Do you have a Camera RIG?

    Hello All, Here is my Camera Rig: I was just wondering does anyone else have one? If so what do you have on yours? Mine is a Canon DSLR EOS REBEL SL1 85mm T.5 Cinelens and a Viewfinder with a Rode Video Mic I am looking to getting rails and a cage setup soon! Do you have a camera rig? What...
  11. hatlesschimp

    Second Shooter Dolly Setup

    Here is the Second shooter in action. It includes the unboxing and basic setup with some footage of it in use. I thought it may be useful to share because people may not realise there is this sort of thing avaiable. Most useful for those who shoot solo or want to add some production value to...