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  1. A

    Video Editing software

    Hello, Need recommendations on a good video editing software (for windows 10). I tried a few free editing softwares and it's just lagging, and exporting time taking too long and then gets stuck or the program doesn't respond. So I'm looking for a good video editing software but not too costly.
  2. vicketheboss

    Anyone Required AVS Video Editor FULL Version

    Anyone Required AVS Video Editor FULL Version, Pls Ping Me.
  3. SeanFace101

    Where can i get a full free Windows Movie Maker?

    Where can i get a full free download of the Windows Movie Maker video editing software? I have had it a few times on computers when i bought the computers but i cant find it online to download as the laptop i have now doesnt have it on it. :P
  4. VRONA

    My Story of Using Movie Maker |How Much Does Editing Software Actually Affect The Quality of Videos?

    I recently got into a conversation with this guy on a YouTuber discord about editing software. He said that if I wanted to improve the overall quality of my videos I should look into some more professional software, which I already have installed somewhere on my PC just doing nothing, but I...
  5. S

    Best place to get video special effects

    Hello everyone! I've been searching around for a couple days now and can't seem to find a good place that has video special effects where I can download from. Free or purchase. Where do you get your special effects and how much does it cost if it's not free. Thank you in advance.
  6. fadder8

    Audio for Video - What you need to know & What you need to do

    This is a series dedicated to educating YouTubers on how to deliver great quality audio in their videos. The series consists of the 4 major audio setups for video, picking the right microphone, picking the right field recorder or audio interface, and the final touches in post production. The 4...
  7. SeanFace101

    What is a good video editor with the following? ...

    What is a good Video Editing Software that has the following things? .... Supports videos recorded from my iPhone. Does Not put watermarks over the finished video. Can add multiple layers on videos. Good selections of transitions, etc.. Thanks! :P
  8. Djams

    Suggestions on good video editing software for a laptop?

    Hi guys! I'm a recently new vlogger and was wondering what are some good video editing software for a guy like me who owns a laptop and doesn't have access to software like iMovie which I've noticed most people on Youtube use. I was first using Sony Vegas but my laptop couldn't handle it so I...
  9. JellyCupsCatchup

    Video and audio software for the "budget inclined"

    Sup guys, as you can see I'm starting this forum to share and talk about video and audio editing software for those of us who doesn't have money to spare on "professional" video and audio editing software. I'm currently using: For audio, Audacity since its free, pretty damn powerful and super...