video edditing

  1. Obadur

    Video Editing PC | 2021!, GeForce RTX 3060-Ryzen 5 3600X

    Ein 1000 Euro Gaming PC mit hochwertigen Komponenten? Genau das haben wir in diesem Video für euch zusammengestellt und zwar mit dem ultimativen MSI Gaming PC 2021! Gaming PC kaufen - Einen individuellen PC günstig zusammenstellen und online kaufen & Gaming PC konfigurieren von CLS...
  2. Chasgames

    Final Cut Pro keeps acting up

    I’m editing a video in final and half of it is saying it’s missing when it’s technically not. I spent last night editing the video and I’ve come back to do some finishing touches. That’s when it tells me it’s missing. The video that’s missing I couldn’t save it to my computer because of storage...
  3. A

    Camtasia Studio Free Activation

    Hi There, for every one want to install camtatia and activate it for free download it from here( ) and read the "readMe.txt" file in the root of the donloaded folder
  4. Civilly Barbaric

    Removing Subtitles

    Not sure if this is really possible but, does anyone know how you can remove subtitles from a clip , so you can replace it with your own ? It's been bugging me for a while now can't find how.I think I've seen other you-tubers do it but not sure if its by removing the titles or what
  5. D

    Tips for catchy color grading

    Hey you guys, I am new to Youtube and yttalk and would like to get some tips how you colorgrade your Videos to get the best Results (Appeals and Likes) on Youtube. I tried som grading in Davinci Resolve, but doesnt look like Videos from the big Youtuber. Would be nice if someone could explain...
  6. ryansrs07

    How to get video filmed on mobile to fit screen.

    Hi everyone, I just joined and first would like to say a big HELLO to you all :) OK a bit of a YouTube addiction going on in my household right now with myself and my kids all having our own YouTube Channels (Just for fun mostly and mine for work). We currently only film our videos via a...