1. W

    What’s the Difference Between Non-Violence and Violence?

  2. TheVividVegan

    Other Looking for other Vegan YouTubers to connect

    Hey there! I've just started out on YouTube but would love to connect with some other Youtubers. On my channel, you can find all things vegan so the people I would like to connect with would preferably have similar interests. I am based in London but I wouldn't mind connecting with people...
  3. Jules Askalotl

    I Need Help with How to Approach this Video.

    Okay, I have an animal channel and like most animal channels, I am also vegetarian. I want to do a video about being vegetarian since I have never mentioned it, but I feel like because of the stigma around vegans and vegetarians, I will instantly lose subs quick. I have been vegetarian all my...
  4. camrynnicolem

    healthy vegan smoothie || fast & easy

    Hello! This smoothie is my favorite go-to breakfast & snack. I hope you enjoy!(:
  5. Elysia

    500 FINALLY!!!!

    YAYYYY. so our channel has been quite inactive for a while. We recently started doing Daily Vlogs 8 days ago and have take then channel from 480 to 500 FINALLY! We cant wait to continue the vlogs and designing T-shirts and taking you all along for the ride! Hopefully we grow even quicker!
  6. Elysia

    VERY New to Vlogging

    I would absolutely love if you had any tips and feedback for the vlogs as this is (i believe) only my 3rd one and am still trying to get the hang of it! weather its music, content, message or what have you, let me know how to improve!!
  7. Brandino centini

    Help me with skit idea

    hello ive just recently made my youtube account and have finally decided to make skits so I need help making funny video about reasons to become vegan. so far I have an idea to do something funny I'm quite a bit chubby and was gonna show my stomach as one and say look how healthy this is you...
  8. Stoobs

    Why do we still eat meat?

    Hopefully this gets some of you thinking - and if it does then my mission has been accomplished. Please share with anybody you think may benefit from this!
  9. Tiffany Amber

    Any and all help appreciated <3

    A descriptive title of what you would like reviewed. I would like to have my channel overall reviewed, based off the linked video :) How could I improve my editing and overall persona? Details of the particular video you want reviewed or specific aspects of your channel this can include your...
  10. LauraJasmin

    Vegan Makeup Collection | Top 3 Vegan Makeup Picks

  11. Kat Theo

    Do you think my voice is annoying?

    Hello, all thank you for taking the time to read this. I have just started re-making videos and I can see my improvement in quality but not with views. My content is usually me ranting about my experiences ect. which before sometimes lasted for ten minutes. I wanted to cut down my videos...
  12. JaiMesza

    Feedback on filming/recording/lighting?

    Hey so I recently decided to give youtube a go and created a makeup video for my channel, in which I hope to add more to. Lighting in my case isn't too bad but I would like to know what you think about it too? My main problem is recordings. I introduce a product with a voice recording of me and...
  13. Freshly Finished


    Hey everyone!! I just uploaded my very first vlog! My wedding film season is kicking off for me, so I headed down to the best barber shop around, and then up to my parents house to feed them a vegan dinner! Was it a failure, or a success!? This is my first vlog so I hope you guys enjoy it! let...
  14. xingcat

    3 Ingredient Recipes: Hummus

    Timothy the camel and I make a snack that's easy, healthy, and only 3 ingredients!
  15. xingcat

    3 Ingredient Recipes: Raw Vegan Brownies

    I was visited by a vegetarian donkey named Maguire, who asked for some dessert, so we made raw vegan brownies. It's surprisingly close to baked brownies that require eggs and butter.
  16. heyitschiane

    2016 New Years Resolutions/Going Vegan

    Hey everyone! I made this video talking about the positive changes I wanted to make in my life, and more importantly, the lifestyle change to GO VEGAN. Hope you like it! VLOG # 15 | 2016 New Years Resolutions | GOING VEGAN ♡
  17. TilleyVlogs

    Tasting Tab Soda and Vegan Food for First Time (Gagging and Puking)

    Whats up you guys. Steven here from TilleyVlogs. Today in my Vlog I taste several foods such as 1. Tab Soda 2. Vegan Sausages 3. Kickin a** Cajun hot sauce and more Take a look Don't forget to Give it a Thumbs up, Share, Like, and SUBSCRIBE!!! Watch The Video here Tasting Tab Soda and...