1. Courtney Candice

    What’s the point?

    I never really get hate in my youtube comment usually the only mean comments I ever received was on Instagram and Twitter a few times, but recently I got the same random person writing a hate comment on every video. This person told me they hate my videos and they make her want to end her life...
  2. C

    Kill Myself? Really People?

    I'm more or less sharing an experience I've been having run ad campaign on a channel trailer. I find people who enjoy the ads I run, tend to like it, possibly follow the channel, and never comment. People who don't like the ad post very malicious comments like telling me to die, or this is gay...
  3. Peter_Brown

    The Good, Bad & Ugly Of Everyone Having A Voice

    Everyone wants to have a voice. This is one of the main draws of watching videos on YouTube. If I watch a video and have a comment to make, I can post it and have almost instant access to the video creator. What other video medium offers that kind of access? Tom Cruise will never read my...
  4. The Games Shed

    YouTube Trolls

    We had our first proper experience of a troll on our channel recently and it made me wonder what do these people get out of it? On the first comment he left we gave it both barrels back and made him stop but then on the second we just banned and blocked him. Have many of you guys come across...
  5. TV Harmonies

    Animations Trolls Cover

    Hey everyone! We'd love some feedback on our new cover Can't Stop the Feeling! by Justin Timberlake on any improvements to the video or recording ! Thank you so very much everyone! :)
  6. TrVlogs

    Idea for YouTube about disliking videos

    I think YouTube has talked about this before. I know some of us Youtubers have people who come to your channel to dislike a video because of a comment you made they did not agree with so they come all the way to your channel or subscribe to dislike your video. Not just once, but on a regular...