1. Knubbell

    German Translations?

    Hi guys, one of my greatest hobbys is to translate from english to german. I'm doing this for several years now and I already have some projects finished like videogames, text for small stories and some articles. Now I'm working on Subtitles for Youtube. I've created the first Subtitles for...
  2. TheAllSenses

    TranslatiONS Video tags

    Do you use only tags in the main video language, or do you add also their translations ? Thanks.
  3. P

    Youtuber cannot approve my translations to his videos.

    I have translated 10 videos of a Youtuber, 7 of them were approved by him by hitting the "publish" button on the videos. The last 3 of them are still showing as "Submitted" and has not yet been published for almost 2 months now. He claims that he has published the 7 videos like normally, but the...
  4. KiddieToysReview

    Do you translate your titles & descriptions?

    Does anyone translate their titles and descriptions using the "Translate" button under the 'Translations' tab for your new or old videos? I was just looking at our traffic, and decided to translate the top 6 international destinations. Now I know this is auto translate by Google, so it's not...
  5. FraYoshi

    How to YouTube Captions by Others

    Do You Wanna Translate a video for a YouTuber you are subscribed or wanna let a friend to translate yours? In this video....... how to do it! (in my, not so perfect, english :angelic2: ) Hope this helps!!!! :rolleyes: .: FraYoshi :.