1. A

    Commentary looking for people to do a podcast with.

    hello I run a podcast channel where I do it live then save it on the channel I am looking for people who have things they would like to talk about and invite them over to join for a full podcast about 1-2 hours, let me know if you have things you would like to talk and lets chat. thanks alex
  2. A

    An example of the importance of choosing the right topic and doing good SEO!

    This is just something I wanted to share, because I thought it was pretty interesting. A few months ago I looked up some popular and non-competitive keywords using TubeBuddy and the youtube search suggestions. I make a lot of instrumental and orchestral royalty free music that anyone can use...
  3. UKHypnotist

    Auto-Generated Topic Channels For Better Traffic

    How many of you know that if a video topic is widely enough seen in "quality content" (definition of quality unknown in this instance) on YouTube, the system has an algorithm which will generate a channel for the topic? And if you are creating videos which match such a topic channel, the...
  4. Christopher Johnson

    Why Do Black People Die First?!

    I don't watch many horrors but have any of you guys ever noticed that in horror movies the black guys always die first? LOL. Something sounds fishy here. Let me know if you agree ;)
  5. doktornpro

    Which Topics Need More Attention ?

    Alright, so I just posted a similar topic not long ago, but didn't really get a lot of responses, so I will just ask you a question. As the title says, which topics do you think deserve, but aren't getting enough attention ? I am searching for such topics to make videos about and popularize...
  6. GottaCatchDimal

    Funny life story ideas!

    Currently I'm making videos about my life. Not just my normal life, but weird things that have happened to me or things that I hate in my daily life. I've made videos about my college experiences, how much I hate mosquitoes, and my hate of picky eaters. These videos include real stories that...
  7. A

    Beauty/Makeup Collab on any beauty or DIY?

    Hey I'm looking to collab with anyone i would love if they had a lot of subscribers so they could help me out! It could be about whatever beauty Or diy video you want such as clothing makeup and ect. I don't mind the age really because I'm 13 but you are willing to collar i would really love it...
  8. Talooka


    The latest Talooka Talk Box episode is up! Check it out! This week's question was submitted by our own Juzey here on the forums :P Post a question or challenge and it'll go in the Talk Box too! Criticism is appreciated.
  9. Talooka

    I Guess This Is A Vlog? Talooka Talk Box Episode 2!

    Check it out! Our own XXLRay's question was picked from the box this video, check it out: What else should go in the box? We do challenges, questions, and just random controversial topics. Let us know what you want us to discuss!