titanfall 2

  1. Kannon

    Gaming Looking for people to game with on Youtube.

    Honestly I have gone hard to make youtube videos and create them to help others or just give people a smile. i'm 16 years old, Been doing YouTube for about a year, almost hitting my 100th video, I have 216 subcribers and I want to work with someone. But half of the people I have collaborated...
  2. Emira

    Emira's - Titanfall 2 - Glitch DLC First Look!

    Hey Guys, Emira here, so Glitch is finally here and boy have I been excited to play this, I have kept myself away from all previews/gameplay's of this since I wanted to experience this myself. What are your thoughts on Glitch? Please come on over and let me know :) Thanks Guys,
  3. Emira

    Titanfall 2: ROAD TO GEN 100!

    Hey guys, It's Emira here! I have decided to create a series documenting my progress from Gen 1 all the way to Gen 100! It's going to be a long Journey but one that will be worth it. I'm not the best Pilot so i'm hoping you guys can help me get there! Any advice you can give would be...
  4. darkzero_omega2003

    P1P2 Titanfall 2: Head Hunting

    Hey guys Zero here of Player1 Player2 with a new Titanfall 2 vid. This time I'm trying to improve on my sniping skills. If you like the vid please hit that like and subscribe button!! We are still trying to reach our goal of 100 subscribers. And will have a drawing for your choice of a 1 year...
  5. G-Legend

    How specific of a target audience do you need for a gaming channel?

    So basically my uploads consist mainly of Battlefield tips and strategies so you can become the best player possible. I know for sure my channel will appeal a lot to someone who wants to get better at Battlefield 1 because all my uploads are for making better Battlefield 1 players; not to...
  6. G-Legend

    Commentary Just a smller YouTuber looking for an FPS gaming commentator to collab with!

    What's up guys? I'm just a smaller YouTuber (35 subs as of writing this) and I commentate on EA's FPS games with some other FPS games on the side. I focus mainly on tips, tricks, strategies; that sort of thing in my commentaries. I'm currently working with Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 so if...
  7. G-Legend

    Gaming Looking for a gaming commentator to collab with

    I play BO3 and Destiny and am a commentator on the Youtube space. Also I play Battlefield 1 or Titanfall 2 (when they come out). I make informative videos to help others become better players. I'm trying to find someone who makes similar content and wants to collab on one or a few videos. Maybe...
  8. MZ-101

    Enjoy a little Battlefield 1 - EA PLAY ROUND-UP!

    Got some Battlefield 1 gameplay going, Enjoy. Leave a comment either here or on YouTube with your thoughts on the video and can I improve on.
  9. JuicyDuckWild


    Hey guys, i've kinda been doubting my channel art, thumbanils, etc. I devoloped a style for making them but I really want to know if they are any good or not... A few people said It sucked, so I felt I needed opinions. If you want to visit my channel, just search up juicyduckwild on google...