third party

  1. GlobalDayz

    Fiverr voiceover original commentary?

    I'm writing scripts for my videos & I've been planning on hiring this award winning voice actor from fiverr to narrate my scripts. Someone told me this would be considered 3rd party content... wouldn't this fall under original commentary though regardless of the fact the narrator isn't the...
  2. SeanFace101

    Tube Buddy, anyone?

    Anyone use "Tube Buddy"? I just seen an ad here on this website and had a look at the home page of it and it says I can manage all my videos, thumbnails, comments, etc.. in one interface and also that it integrates in with my YouTube account. :P Is it any good? or Is it easier just to use the...
  3. Rails2Revolution

    Help With Rejected Content ID Disputes

    Hey all, hope everything is well. I've been having multiple content ID disputes rejected in the past few months for using royalty free music purchased by networks (from back in the day when I had higher regard for MCN's). Has anyone else had experience with these problems? Problem is when...