1. Curiosity Ridge

    Can Machines Think? | Byte Sized Content | Curiosity Ridge

    Hey, Check out our newest video "Can Machine Think?" This is the first video of summer and I aim to make one video of this Quality and Length per week. Let me know what you think!
  2. Big Home Toys Review

    What is Your Definition of a YouTube Influencer?

    Do you find YouTube influncers to be leaders? if not, Why? I will post my response on how i Feel about influncers and my personal definition and why I choice what I said. Just think a newer topic would be fun to talk about :) Thanks -Big Home Toys Review
  3. BettyisHere

    Outro Design, What you think of mine?

    Hey guys and gals. so I recently watched a YouTube video on how to make an outro Banner for my YouTube videos And I would like some comments and feed back if the colours are too much or recommend any changes? Im not an expert of Photoshop so I followed a tutorial and then came up with my...