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  1. MZ-101

    Gaming I’m willing to collaborate with anyone on PC

    The title might be eye catching, but it ain’t misleading. It just needs a bit of clarification. I am willing to collaborate with anyone, but I’m not gonna’ feature you on my channel. I will, however, shout you out on my videos, Twitter, and possibly my video description. I may make a video...
  2. N

    Gaming Tom Clancys: The Division And Wildlands (pc)

    I am a small youtuber who is looking for someone to do lets plays on the division and wildlands. I do not care about your cub count, I just want you too be somewhat mature. Skype will be the way we would communicate during videos, just post below if you are interested and we can go from there.
  3. S.A.D

    Here Is the Revie for The Division Underground.

    As the title suggests. I no it's a month late, but considering I have a PS4, can you blame me. Well maybe, but that's not the point. Anyway here you people go.
  4. A

    New to the site! Feedback would be great!

    Also open to collabs :)
  5. MZ-101


    This video rounds up everything that happened on Ubisoft's E3 2016 Press conference. Enjoy! Let me know what you guys think and leave a comment either here on or on YouTube for things that I might change to improve my self.
  6. Simplisick

    My channel, livestreams galore.
  7. DefendersOfThePod

    The Dark Zone for Casuals

    Welcome back to the Dark Zone! This video will get you prepped to take on the baddest rogues and rule the DZ with style OR just barely survive by running from everything. Side-note** we are crap at this game.
  8. Aminn

    Thoughts on my new video!

    So I just uploaded a benchmark video, and I'd like some feedback on it! Link: I want to know if I'm doing something wrong or if there's something I can add/improve! Any tip helps! Could you also give some tips on what games to benchmark next! That would really help me out as I'm running out of...
  9. DefendersOfThePod

    2 Way Games | A Channel for Casually Serious Gamers

    Everything you don't need to know about the coming month in gaming!
  10. DefendersOfThePod

    The Division's Falcon Lost is Hard (even more so with 2 people)

    SO we attempted the Falcon Lost incursion with just a 2 man squad and we have determined that it IS possible, we just have not discovered how yet. We have put together some highlights (if you want to call them that), so you can see exactly how to not do Falcon Lost. However, it should be noted...
  11. D

    Gaming Looking for a tight knit group of friends on Xbox One to play games and collaborate on YouTube

    Hello, my name is DestinyisLOV3, or Alex, and I am looking for some Youtube friends to collaborate with on a daily basis. I am 16 years old and would like all who wish to collaborate be the same or older. I play on the Xbox One and my gamertag is VirtualStorms. My Youtube channel is...
  12. DefendersOfThePod

    The Division Update 1.1 Crafting Nerfed and Item Drops!

    Some more information on the upcoming April 12th update for The Division. Crafting real be nerfed and item drops buffed and well as a fix for a major glitch.
  13. DefendersOfThePod

    The Division Factions | Rikers

    The Rikers of The Division are the most brutal and barbaric of the 4 enemy factions. Learn everything you need to know about Rikers here as well as some useful strategy and tips for fighting them.
  14. O

    Gaming PS4 long term and short term collabs

    Hi guys I am Owen and I'm a small youtuber looking to collab and make friends in the PS4 community I have games such as FIFA, Battlefront, Battlefield Hardline, The Division and Destiny. I have many more aswell! Put below Name: PSN: Age: Country: Subs: (doesn't matter I'm just curious) And...
  15. DefendersOfThePod

    New The Division Update! Raids and More!

    The Division drops its first major update on April 12th! This will include Incursions (Raids) along with the ability to trade items with friends and another very interesting addition to the Dark Zone!
  16. DefendersOfThePod

    A review of The Division, In a Minute!

    Everything you need to know about the division, in a minute!
  17. DefendersOfThePod

    The Division, Rogue Hunter

    The Idea was to Kill Rogues in the Division, There were none so we just went rogue instead Channel: 2 Way Games
  18. DefendersOfThePod

    The Division Dark Zone Tips

    Welcome to the Dark Zone! This video will get you prepped to take on the baddest rogues and rule the DZ with style. Side-note** we are crap at this game. Channel: 2 Way Games
  19. DefendersOfThePod

    Rogue the Bounty Hunter (The Division Parody)

    THE DIVISION, displayed through the contorted eyes of Dog the Bounty Hunter. Join us on this mystical journey of justice in the DARK ZONE. Enjoy or die. Channel: 2 Way Games
  20. DefendersOfThePod

    The Street Art of The Division

    2 Way Games
  21. TheTNGMen

    The Division? Never heard of it~

    We play something that has never been done before... No you guys I'm seriously~ We managed to have some fun in the game, but I felt that was more due to our dumbassery rather than the game quality. The single player felt rather boring, and it really didn't pick up until we did some...
  22. DefendersOfThePod

    New to the Division? We got you.

    Just got the division? We cover all the basic tips you need to know here! Disclaimer: you may not want to be like us, but you probably do because we're awesome.
  23. DefendersOfThePod

    The Division Intel Guides

    There is a perk you can get in the game to eventually show all the Intel Locations, but if you don't want to do that we got you covered. ***This is a work in progress so we do not have all the districts yet*** Channel: 2 Way Games
  24. vspecialistv

    "Hacking Really" The Division Dark Zone Gameplay - PS4

    Hi guys, explain to me why do people love to cheat their way through things? This video is a rant of a group of players in the Division that were hacking and cheating in the dark zone. They where in a cheating spot in the map that we couldn't kill them, but they were killing everyone that...
  25. vspecialistv

    "Which Is Better?" Destiny vs The Division - PS4

    Hi guys, which is better Destiny or the Division? In this video I talk a little about both games and reasons why one is better than the other, in certain things. Also, its a small channel update ish video, where i talk about what games you guys want to see me play, horror being one of the...
  26. vspecialistv

    "Got To Play" The Division Gameplay - PS4

    Hi guys, The Division is an amazing game. I haven't play much of the full game, but i played a lot of the beta. If you got the game, play the missions on hard, it gets crazy. Also, its better playing with a group rather than by yourself. Hope i see you guys in The Division. Thank you for...
  27. JacobofArabia

    Tom Clancy’s The Division in 10 Seconds

    My take on Tom Clancy’s The Division, in 10 Seconds Enjoy!
  28. DefendersOfThePod

    Intel Guide for the Division (Full game not just beta)

    This is a work in progress. The districts we have so far are Chelsea, Penn Plaza, and the Garment District. PlayList:
  29. TheKirkyLife

    I Check Out The Division Open Beta!

    Time for something a little different now as I delve into the dark world of The Division. Join me as I explore the first 30 minutes of gameplay from the Open Beta!
  30. Kovo

    Gaming PC - Funny moments or anything gaming :D

    I am looking for a group to play games with. I have a small one right now but only one other member is active. He does not post youtube videos, but I post them with him in them. Games I play mostly: Rainbow Six: Siege, CS:GO, TF2, The Division (When it comes out), and I am open to playing any...