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  1. TheCreatorCritic

    SomeOrdinaryGamers YouTube Channel Review!

    On this week's episode of the YouTube Channel Review with The Creator Critic. We take a look at the 800k subscriber channel haunted gaming extraordinaire SomeOrdinaryGamers ran by Mutahar! Do you think this channel earned a perfect 10, fitting of channels that rise to greatness or did it...
  2. TheCreatorCritic

    The Creator Critic Reviews SilvrWingsDragon *A Gaming Channel Review*

    Hey there, On this channel review, I reviewed a good friend of mine who does survival horror gaming videos and she asked me to do this as part of a challenge and of course I accepted! So, here it is boys and girls... the review that brought me back to it all!!
  3. SlayerXtR

    The Creator Critic - Amazon Vs YouTube! Amazon's AVD Program

    This video is where I talk about Amazon's new program called Amazon Video Direct. They are basically moving into the YouTube game and looking to pay BIG. Will it work or will it flop? Watch the video to see my thoughts on this subject.
  4. SlayerXtR

    The Creator Critic - I Review Other YouTube Channels

    Hey guys, The Creator Critic here.. I review other Youtuber's channels and work with them on things that they can do to fix issues that they may have overlooked. Sometimes you need an extra set of eyes to find things that you may have missed and I am here to help. Good... Bad... I am the guy...
  5. SlayerXtR

    The Creator Critic's Mini-Reviews Series

    Hey everyone, Some of you know me as the ghost with the most.. wait.. that's Beetlejuice... No no, let's start over shall we! Some of you may know me as SlayerXtR.. a Let's Player that did let's plays and all kinds of interesting stuff, but now I am focusing on my new dream channel that I've...