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Aug 8, 2013
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Bristol, Tennessee
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Hey everyone,

Some of you know me as the ghost with the most.. wait.. that's Beetlejuice...

No no, let's start over shall we! Some of you may know me as SlayerXtR.. a Let's Player that did let's plays and all kinds of interesting stuff, but now I am focusing on my new dream channel that I've always thought needed to be around.

A YouTube channel that reviews other YouTube Channels, their Creators, and content. Also, this channel would review big channels and little channels alike to find the gems among the turds that are in the toilet bowl known as YouTube.

How it works is that I pick a channel that has 10k subscribers or more and do a nice, scripted, and funny review of their channel on Wednesdays, then Thursday and Fridays I give it to the little guys by doing a mini reviews on channels that are under 10k all the way to 100 subscribers! Then Saturdays it will be a how to or tutorial based videos on YouTube and things that could help you become the next biggest thing since sliced bread or Ice Cream.

Without further adue, here is one of my first mini-reviews and I hope you enjoy it!

If you would like for me to check out your channel and possibly add you to the list to do a mini-review of your channel then contact me through here or my email:

The Creator Critic - Mini Review #1 - Final Boss Games