1. WarriorDan

    Team Fortress 2 Scream Fortress 2021 highlights

    In this Team Fortress 2 gameplay video, I and my friends check out one of the new Scream Fortress TF2 halloween maps, by the name of Erebus.
  2. Reag4n

    Gaming Hi, i'm Looking For a Collab and a Good Time, How About You?

    Hi, My name is Reag4n (pronounced Ray-gan), and I am looking for fellow youtubers to collaborate with. Possible Games: Team Fortress 2 (my favorite), Call of Duty: World at War, Minecraft, Fortnite, Terraria, or Cs:Go Requirements: Relatively Good PC (not choppy when recording),Over 12+ Years...
  3. Nord

    Gaming I have a good amount of subs. I'd like to collaborate. maybe play some CS:GO or some VR games.

    Hello!, I'm Nord. I'd love to work with someone who is about my age:21 who would like to collaborate. If you like playing PC games and want to goof around for a while, hit me up!
  4. Scooter

    Gaming Starting a small gaming group!

    Hello! As of now, im looking for more people to play with! Any age as long as you upload good content. I mainly play: Minecraft TF2 BF1 Borderlands 2 CS:GO Overwatch Check out my channel if you want, i have an old channel of 132 subs and started fresh. Discord: Scooty#2672 Hmu if your...
  5. Yee zhade

    Gaming looking to make a youtube group on pc

    hey am 14-year old youtube from EU looking to make a youtube group what you need if you want to join you only need a pc EU or USA but is okay not be from there to join you just need to very funny have a good mic it doesn't matter how old you are as long as you don't have a squeaky voice...
  6. Jackpat02rules

    Gaming Finished

    Hello, I go by the name Jackpat02rules and I am recruiting people for consistent collabs on youtube. If interested, I will have links below. Requirments: -Must have Discord -If possible I can collab from about 12am-8pm GMT so make sure you're available between these times. -I try to avoid...
  7. T

    Gaming TF2 PC collab

    Hey, age doesn't matter, discord is fine, I want a really fun time, At this point im out of rhymes! I have steam Bolt would add link but i cant be assed. (Also i need my authenticator codes and my pc is off) I have a assload of games aswell as tf2 so. Yee.
  8. W

    Gaming Looking for small channel to colab with

    I am planning to make a video on trolling in tf2, I need up to 4 people for this. My channel has 24 subs so anybody around that number and up is welcome. You can contact me at if you have any questions. People willing to colab should preferably have played at least 100 hours of...
  9. Rokymori

    Gaming Gaming Collaborations

    Description: I'm looking for others to collaborate with on certain games. I do plan on editing and posting the collaborations if they go well. If you meet the requirements below, just reply to the thread and ill try to respond as fast as I can. Also, I only play on PC. Requirements: Ages: 14 -...
  10. T

    Gaming Looking for Collab Mainly *Overwatch* 13-16 years old

    Im looking for someone to collab with. Requirements: -have at least 10 subs -must be 13-16. Anything lower or higher would just be weird -must have at least one of these games: Overwatch, Paladins, Tf2 -have a decent mic with not much background noise -must be on Europe -must have a decent...
  11. L

    Gaming New Pc Youtuber looking for a few people to make some vids.

    Hey guys, I've just started out so no vids/subs, I'm looking for some people to make a start with. Games I play include: Modded WaW zombies Killing Floor TF2/CS:GO Minecraft Garry's Mod...
  12. P

    Check out my overwatch gaming channel, sub and like if you enjoy? :)

    Just recently created an overwatch and tf2 channel and am looking for advice and any tips Apologies for the title, i have read the guidelines and am just looking for feedback however i cannot edit the title, it was meant to be "thoughts on...
  13. Funny Zimon

    Gaming Looking for Youtube friend

    Dear *insert your name*, My name is Simon, a Youtuber with 300 subs. I'm looking for Youtubers who want to play one of those games: - tf2 - Minecraft - Rocket league And random online games. Requirements: 1. Somewhere around CET timezone (London, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Madrid etc) 2. Decent...
  14. R


    Hey there Probably the title looks like hooker wanting... Anyways I and my friend own the channel and we want to collab with other YouTubers. Requirements- -Should be funny -Have Decent Mic -Have 200 subs ... But this doesn't matter too much. All we want is to have some fun with other...
  15. Kovo

    Gaming PC - Funny moments or anything gaming :D

    I am looking for a group to play games with. I have a small one right now but only one other member is active. He does not post youtube videos, but I post them with him in them. Games I play mostly: Rainbow Six: Siege, CS:GO, TF2, The Division (When it comes out), and I am open to playing any...
  16. S

    Gaming Pokemon Showdown & Other Collabs!

    Hi everyone! My name is Matt, and my youtube channel is mainly focused on Pokemon, and soon enough, I will start doing Pokemon Showdown, and competitive Pokemon in general, and as well as stuff like races. I need a collab in order to spice things up on the channel, so let's try and make this...