terminated channel

  1. D

    I’m having the hardest time I could really use a friend

    Youtube deleted my YouTube channel for no reason and the more I communicate with them harder and more confusing everything is. I really need a friend right now. I do a full breakdown of what happened. ( https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTLdDh6Dn/ )
  2. J

    Text to Speech Issue

    i created ORIGINAL text for my videos but instead of using my own voice i used text to speech service "Microsoft Mark & Zira" to generate voice over for my videos and my channel was terminated after several uploads without any strike or notice TWICE (2 of my channels), is it illegal to use text...
  3. V

    need help with my suspended channel

    hello guys I am actually here to see if I can get any kind of help with my youtube chanel that was suspended last year for 3 copyright strikes which I didnt intend to do since I never knew there were rules to follow on youtube. I just posted all my family videos there, never did store them...
  4. Ulysses90

    Copyright strike owner blackmailing me!

    Last days I got a copyright strike from a guy then I sent a counter notification....but after that I talked to him yesterday, we talked amicably and my strike has been released : After I received this emails : -Good news!-------- has just released their copyright claim on your YouTube video...
  5. mohin

    can a public ip address reason to be suspend youtube account?

    i use mobile phone to manage and upload videos on youtube and i also use sim data connection but each new connection time public ip keep change so thats mean that ip use many people because sim provider giving us some random ip to connect to Internet so here's my question what will happen if...
  6. saba

    Are BBTV and Socialblade same?

    Hey, do you know, Are BBTV and Socialblade same? same rules and everything? because as you know Socialblade network is a "subnetwork" of BBTV. Does Socialblade pay for terminated channels like BBTV? do you have experience with them?