1. OndaWire

    Simple and stylish laptop love

    If you want to see a channel where tech reviews are met by someone being UNFILTERED and having FUN, well, I am now in the building Check out my latest review here
  2. OndaWire

    BOSE QC35 II! Are they worth $350? A must see!

    Follow me on Facebook or YouTube at "OndaWire" for more cool tech Reviews! This review is on the Bose QC35 II noise cancelling headphones. These are Bose top of the line active noise cancelling headphones so you know that I put them to the test! BOSE the verdict is in. Are these headphones worth...
  3. ProXima123

    What is the Current State of Cryogenics? CRYOTECHNOLOGY

    We’ve heard about it and seen it many times before, Weather in sci-fi books, sci-fi stories, sci-fi movies, and many more. So what is the current state of Cryogenics?
  4. ProXima123

    2,400 SUBS and 800,000 VIEWS!!

    Super stoked about reaching my first 800,000 views, along with 2,400 subscribers! I have joined youtube on Dec 1, I have been doing youtube as barely a hobby, and as such I have not been uploading as consistently as I should! honestly I am super happy about reaching this milestone, and even...
  5. OndaWire

    Cool Tech accessory definitely worth looking at

    Follow me on FaceBook or YouTube at "OndaWire" for more really cool product tech reviews! This quick and cool review is on the Elekin vertical laptop stand. If you want to organize your tech, then this accessory is definitely something to look into. This vertical laptop stand is super stylish...
  6. OndaWire

    Is Sennheiser taking over the headphone game?!?!

    Watch out Bose, Sony and Beats! The verdict is in and the review on the Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless headphones is ready! Follow me on FaceBook or on my Youtube channel @ "OndaWire" for more cool tech reviews! :coolphones:
  7. OndaWire

    New video is out and *Feeling GOOD*

    Tired of boring unboxing videos? I test drive everything!!! Take a chance and watch :)
  8. PixelTronic

    Other Tech Collaborations!

    Any other tech YouTubers out there? Looking to start a series where we choose one of piece of tech we use e.g. our camera or pc etc to produce our videos! Reply if you like this idea!
  9. OndaWire

    New NFC Sport connect Headphones and they work!

    So these NFC sport headphones were sent to me by AWEI to review and that's what I did! :dance: Check out the video and the honesty and tell me what you think. :up2:
  10. Curiosity Ridge

    METAL Lighter than a FEATHER?!

    Hey Everyone! When you think of light weight metals, Aluminium is probably one of the first that come to mind, but a new supermarket is about to change the definition of light, by being lighter than a feather!
  11. Curiosity Ridge

    A Black Hole in your Pocket?! | Byte Sized Content | Curiosity RIdge

    Hey everyone, Just started a new style of video, a Short Sweet and Snappy explanation of something seriously cool! Be sure to check it out and let me know if you'd like me to more content in this format!
  12. OndaWire

    Magnetic phone accessories? This is a must have

    No more dropping your phone and looking away from the road when you get that text or call. Review of the MaxBoost magnetic car mount. This is one tech phone accessory everyone MUST have. Phone mounts in cars are the one cool accessory that most people overlook. These work with Android, iPhone or...
  13. OndaWire

    New Technology? Magnetic Bluetooth Headphones Review

    WOW! I tested them and they work!!! These are super cool!
  14. Umer

    Meet Up/Gathering Spanish speakers in London? Collab wanted!

    Hey guys - looking for Spanish speakers, preferably female, to collab on my next video to review the Google Translate feature using the new Google Ear Buds. Central London location essential.
  15. TechFit360

    My Apple HomePod has Arrived

  16. R

    Other Colab? (Tech Vids)

    Sup guys, been on YouTube for 10 years now, I was a babby at 8 years old lmao. Anyway i run a phone review channel with around 9100 subs and wondered of anyone wanted to colab? As long as I like your content and you as a person I'd love to co-operate and shout out smaller channels. Not gonna be...
  17. Umer

    Vlog Collab in London, UK - Reviews of Gadgets! (Trending Reviews)

    Hey Guys Anyone up for a Collab with me in London? I have all the professional YouTube equipment for my videos - Canon 200D Cam, Rode Mic, Lighting, Tripods etc. I am happy to book meeting spaces to shoot videos. I shoot reviews of gadgets, cars, and anything tech! 1.3K Subs so far and only...
  18. R

    Other Looking for tech youtuber that wants to collab!

    Hello, im a Apple technology youtuber with 320+ subs, I am looking for someone else who does a similar thing to me and we could collab, please ask any questions thx
  19. Blerim

    Small, Effective and Powerful Gaming PC - MSI Trident 3 Review

    Small, Effective and Powerful Gaming PC - MSI Trident 3 Review MSI Trident 3 - msi has delivered a console destroyer with its msi Trident 3 which is Small, Effective and Powerful gaming PC which is also VR ready. When we mean VR Ready the Trident 3 is not kidding you have two VR-links one...
  20. T

    When you're writing a script, do you memorize it, or jot down notes to expand on?

    Since I'm trying to do sort of a light hearted tech related channel, I'm trying to have a good mix of specifications, and being upbeat to keep the audience engaged. I'm still new to all this so I'm trying out some different stuff before I upload. Tech stuff is very spec heavy so it's good to...
  21. T

    Hit 10,000 views, approved for monitization with my first video!

    Albeit, I was very lucky to do so. I basically released content for a game on the night it was released so it was very hyped up. I don't expect to retain those sort of numbers, but with E3 this weekend, I'm hoping to take advantage and put out some more content related to gaming/electronics!
  22. Dragonslayer6710

    What happens when a Plasma Ball meets a Synthesizer?

    So I was messing around with my synthesizer the other day and I accidentally turned on my plasma ball which resulted in a cacophony of noise from my synth. For some reason, a current from the plasma ball was interferring with the synth and making it play a bunch of random notes and messed with...
  23. TechSpotJosh

    New to YouTube - Comedy News Satire

    The TechSpot Tasting Nintendo Switch Cartridges Challenge!? Hello everyone! I am new to YouTube and this community. I'm hoping to get some feedback on how I can better push my content out there. Any technical feedback / creative feedback is welcome as well. Thank you for taking the time to...
  24. DarcyWhibley

    Gaming Cheap Tech videos!

    If your a gamer that loves technology then you will love the sound of my Tech Tuesday Series I'm starting. I'm will supply you will an outline of a script so you know what to talk about, add your unique channel twist to your parts however, make sure you add a bit of comedy. If that sound good...
  25. Nebojsa032

    LG G3 Quick Circle Case

    Hello everyone! In this video, i will show you Quick Circle case for LG G3. If you liked this video, please leave some feedback, thanks! :)
  26. T

    I have a few questions about Videomaking and Speculations/Rumors

    I was wondering if a few of you may have the answer I'm looking for. So I was looking to create a tech channel. As many of you know, with games, tech, or anything really, it's fun to speculate. It's often a huge talking point surrounding any sort of product people are looking forward to. As a...
  27. rdavey14

    Gaming Major World News Discussion / Debate , Multinational Group Discussion

    I was thinking of setting up a podcast in which people would chose a few news articles that interested them , they would be discussed either during a small session once a week or a large section once a month (for now). I was hoping to have as many people from different countries as possible , I...
  28. rdavey14

    Commentary Major World News Discussion / Debate , Multinational Group

    I was thinking of setting up a podcast in which people would chose a few news articles that interested them , they would be discussed either during a small session once a week or a large section once a month (for now). I was hoping to have as many people from different countries as possible , I...
  29. GeoTechRyan


    Sorry if this has been posted a million times before, but can someone give me advice on creating better thumbnails. As i seem to struggle with creating them.
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