1. Mat Cooper

    Other Looking for Collabs at NAB 2017, Las Vegas

    Hi all, Im new to this forum but I'm hoping to find people who'd be interested in doing daily collars over teh NAB show. I guess there will be plenty of us doing our own things there but I'm hoping that in addition to that we could put together a sort of ghetto hollywood reporter round table...
  2. Rolz

    Red Wings! Another Setups Exposed video!

    What's good guys! Finally another Setups Exposed video! I go over my mates PC and he gives us the reasons behind his component choices. This is directed at first time builders/ anyone looking to potentially upgrade their system! Give it a look if it tickles your fancy:pompus: & if you like...
  3. Rolz

    2017 iPad Pro 9.7" + Smart Keyboard unobxing

    Hey guys, so yes I do do things other than anime. I also cover tech, it is a passion of mine! If you look back on my channel you'll see some tech unboxings :) There will be more to come! It's a simple video - literally just me unboxing it with some cool background music :P if you do enjoy it...
  4. F

    Other Collaboration for a Tech Video

    Hey guys , i am growing on youtube and i want to make a collaboration video with someone who is interested in Tech or gaming for a collab of some sort. Text me if you're interested. Open to all ideas ! If you'd like to look my channel then type this UCcK8TjJZUNraou4jurQwNcA after...
  5. Edoziethe1and0nly

    Need advice for script planning for tech video

    I am trying to start a series of app review videos and I'd love to hear advice or opinions from anyone as to how to plan the videos.
  6. Edoziethe1and0nly

    Other Tech Video Collab

    Hey guys , Ive taken quite a long break with youtube. But I'd love to get back at it with someone who is interested in Tech or gaming for a collab of some sort. Message me if you're interested. Open to all ideas !
  7. Rolz

    Face Reveal for the subs!

    Hey guys here's a face reveal for my subscribers :D! facereveal video! Be gentle with the comments as I'm still learning :p Also new Anime video series starting on Wednesday and a Xenoverse 2 video on Saturday! (Double uploads!) ‪ Anyways hope you enjoy it & if you do, smash that sub button &...
  8. S

    Creating a Top 5 Product channel, advice

    Hey there everyone, I have done a good bit of digging on this topic and am finding it very difficult to find any information whatsoever. As we all know there are countless Channels out there which create videos around a topic such as, "Top 5 Inventions that will BLOW our mind". Creators...
  9. jd_techsetupgear

    Am I Worthy??

    Any channel feedback would be much appreciated. Let me know what you guys think! Also based on what you see, where do you see my channel going in the future? Just curious to know, if you honestly think it's not going anywhere don't be afraid to say so :) Also what kind of videos/topics would...
  10. DarcyWhibley

    Gaming Cheap Tech videos!

    If your a gamer that loves technology then you will love the sound of my Tech Tuesday Series I'm starting. I'm will supply you will an outline of a script so you know what to talk about, add your unique channel twist to your parts however, make sure you add a bit of comedy. If that sound good...
  11. AnayaNation

    Where Do We see YouTube in 5 years?

    Hello Everyone, I would like everyone to voice their opinion and project where they see YouTube in the next five years? YouTube has taken off and it seems like everyone from kids to adults have channels and some with multiple channels...In the next five years how hard will it be to be...
  12. S.A.D

    Camera FPS Vs Rendering

    Ok this one is a little bit hard to explain, but i will try my best. Say i record at 1080p 25fps and i then render the video to 1080p 60fps. Would there then be a difference if i record at 1080p 60fps? ie performance/ quality. I apologize if this question is tricky to understand. but i am...
  13. Nebojsa032

    LG G3 Quick Circle Case

    Hello everyone! In this video, i will show you Quick Circle case for LG G3. If you liked this video, please leave some feedback, thanks! :)
  14. T

    I have a few questions about Videomaking and Speculations/Rumors

    I was wondering if a few of you may have the answer I'm looking for. So I was looking to create a tech channel. As many of you know, with games, tech, or anything really, it's fun to speculate. It's often a huge talking point surrounding any sort of product people are looking forward to. As a...
  15. hatlesschimp

    Home Theater Build VLog - Ep.1 (1st Ever in this format!)

    Hi YTTalkers, I've had my channel actively uploading for just over 1 month now and I've seen it go from 0 subs to 223 subs. At the moment I'm getting 10 subs a day on average. The whole reason I started the videos on my channel was to do a Home Theater Vlog throughout the build to share. But...
  16. O

    My Film business Thoughts & Opinions

    Hello, I'm going to be ramping up my Business channel for my Film Business. Here are some of my ideas but would like to get your opinions so I can have a good channel that's organized for others who are interested. 1. I will uploading Filming Advice (Tutorials, Camera Advice, etc) 2. Upload...
  17. IamZest

    Other Tech channel collab

    Hey I'm a tech channel or a setup channel but if love to collab with people, I'm a really small youtuber but very intrested on YouTube please email me at if you are interested
  18. R

    Other Collabs for small gaming or tech channels

    I am about to start a Gaming/ Tech channel I was hoping if there is anyone out there who would like to collab on a video
  19. L

    Other Looking to form a group

    Hey I am not really here for a collab but I was wondering if there is anyone that would want to start a group youtube channel with me. I would prefer people of the same age as me (14 ) but would be happy with most people. I am from England so that is good but any other countries are perfect...
  20. LegendaryGamer

    QNA Questions - 50 Subscriber Special

    Hey, My name is Tom and soon I am going to be hitting 50 subscribers. I am very close and want to make a special video dedicated to my fans to get to know me some more. Therefore I need some questions (appropriate) that I could use in my QNA I will upload when I do hit 50. Please leave...
  21. c4alan92

    Is Snapchat eating up your battery life and internet data Solution

    Hi In this Video I have demonstrated how to avoid Snapchat from eating up your battery life and internet data. please watch it and give me your feedback Thanks
  22. c4alan92

    Crazychimp, Professional Entertainment and tech channel

    Hi, I am Alan the , a Motion Graphic designer , I like cinema and tech , that's why I made Crazychimp, channel, I spend a lot of time to make some quality videos , I will be happy if you watch it and give me your feedback
  23. c4alan92

    a professional Entertainment channel

    Hi everyone here is my new tech, entertainment channel, I am doing my best to bring best quality contents, , See it here Thanks for your support
  24. c4alan92

    CrazyChimp, A Professional Entertainment, Tech Channel

    Hi, Here is my New channel, "CrazyChimp" it is a professional, tech, science, entertainment channel, we do our best to bring quality content to our subscribers.. Will be happe if you check it here
  25. J

    Other Looking For Tech Channels to Group Up With

    The title pretty much speaks for itself. It's somewhat lonely to be doing YouTube solo, I want a small group that I can relate to, bounce ideas off of, and grow together. My channel currently stands at about 400 subs, I try my best to be a little different, and try to provide the best quality I...
  26. Anjim

    Unboxing Snowball Ice Microphone For My Gaming Channel

    Finally got a new microphone and I got a story to tell you
  27. CasualVince

    Commentary Tech Podcast, News, and Gaming!

    I love discussion and multiple viewpoints! Because of this, I've always enjoyed podcasts. So I thought why not find some people to talk to about news things. I would preferably like to talk about gaming and tech news, but we can slip into politics a little (I mean very little, unless something...
  28. Tayo

    Best Places/Apps to Sell Your Tech?

    I'm really wanting to sell my Blue Yeti Pro so I can buy the Audio-Technica but Ebay isn't working out and neither is Craigslist. I'm wondering if I should go to some store to sell it, but I feel like I would get ripped off. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm also wanting to sell my Logitech...
  29. TheTormentor

    Other Collab with Tech Youtubers

    Looking to do a collab with any tech youtuber.
  30. M

    Other Collab? Need people with old/interesting devices

    HI, I'm one half of the tech review channel FailTech. We need to review old or interesting phones due to our audiences demands. We are looking for someone who could give us a brief description of what owning one is like. We would need to meet up and record some footage of the phone, or depending...