1. OndaWire

    New NFC Sport connect Headphones and they work!

    So these NFC sport headphones were sent to me by AWEI to review and that's what I did! :dance: Check out the video and the honesty and tell me what you think. :up2:
  2. OndaWire

    When a celebrity takes your cell phone to shoot a promo?!?!?

    So I was out at a Comedy show and comedian Ryan Davis and I started talking. He asked what I did and of course I told him I did YouTube videos. He says no way, ask to see a video and then takes my phone and does this!
  3. OndaWire

    When a celebrity takes the camera to boost your video

    So I was at a comedy show and ran into Comedian Ryan Davis. We started talking and he asked what I did. I told him I was making YouTube videos and tells me, "Man pull out your phone and let me see one". lol I did (of course) and then he takes my phone and did this video promoting my channel. Was...
  4. OndaWire

    Magnetic phone accessories? This is a must have

    No more dropping your phone and looking away from the road when you get that text or call. Review of the MaxBoost magnetic car mount. This is one tech phone accessory everyone MUST have. Phone mounts in cars are the one cool accessory that most people overlook. These work with Android, iPhone or...
  5. OndaWire

    New Technology? Magnetic Bluetooth Headphones Review

    WOW! I tested them and they work!!! These are super cool!
  6. Dr. Dunk

    Other Tech collab!

    If you're interested in the latest tech info we could do a collab. I'm talking about PC hardware, phones, gadgets etc. The ideas I had were a tech podcast and/or a top 10 across 2 channels. My discord is drdunk#1840
  7. TechFit360

    My Apple HomePod has Arrived

  8. R

    Other Colab? (Tech Vids)

    Sup guys, been on YouTube for 10 years now, I was a babby at 8 years old lmao. Anyway i run a phone review channel with around 9100 subs and wondered of anyone wanted to colab? As long as I like your content and you as a person I'd love to co-operate and shout out smaller channels. Not gonna be...
  9. Umer

    Vlog Collab in London, UK - Reviews of Gadgets! (Trending Reviews)

    Hey Guys Anyone up for a Collab with me in London? I have all the professional YouTube equipment for my videos - Canon 200D Cam, Rode Mic, Lighting, Tripods etc. I am happy to book meeting spaces to shoot videos. I shoot reviews of gadgets, cars, and anything tech! 1.3K Subs so far and only...
  10. U

    1,000 views i don’t normally post my channel milestones but I did reach my first 1K views today which I’m actually quite pleased about :bounce: I posted my first vid 29th Oct this year. I was a bit fed up as I really wanted to get 1K before Christmas which I think of as the end of the year.. although...
  11. Raven

    40k views +320 subs

    Greetings ghouls and ghosts. my channel been growing views wise and am so grateful for that. thanks for everyone on this forum and here to 50k soon.
  12. DBTech

    Would love some feedback

    I'm working on my production skill when it comes to making product review videos and would love to get some input from everyone here! I know there's a little bit of blurry footage in there, but I didn't have time to re-shoot it. Let me know what you think of the video and what I can improve...
  13. Blerim

    2,000 Subscribers Tech Channel

    I am currently at 2,476 subscriber and 820,117Views almost at 2,500subs I believe in less than a week I will be at that level. What do you guys think is this a good amount for now? at what point will I see a major increase
  14. Blerim

    Customizable RGB Speakers

    Hi everyone I recently did a review of the Customizable RGB Speakers Kratos S5 - 2.1 Gaming Speakers