1. KaiCreative

    Other College leaving students 18-19 wanted to VLOG their Uni application / Uni experiences.

    Hey Guys, My client is a leading education authority and are looking for students who are just about to apply to university to VLOG their thoughts and the process. They are looking for someone leaving college applying to university, so 18 or 19 years old. A likeable personality who already...
  2. RememberThatTimeWe...


    Hi, We're a couple doing long-distance that likes to meet up in interesting places and vlog about it! You should check out our videos!
  3. The Light Life Project

    Check out my video on depression in college!

    Here is the link to our first video I created an organization called The Light Life Project. The organization raises depression awareness through events, activities, and workshops through college campuses and online, funds mental health research, spreads positivity through social media...
  4. RiaSChazer

    Short Film Any East of Toronto YouTubers?

    I'm looking to film a short comedic film of 10min or so to be posted on YouTube. I need some YouTubers who are willing to travel to Oshawa for the shoot (weekends) and be featured in it. Current script (to be finalized) is a silly comedic argument about being an "Oriental." Also we'll be...