1. Rory Hollinshead

    Finding my niche

    Hey Everyone, Im 18 years old, im an aspiring youtube and film maker, ive spent years trying to start and get a channel. Making a channel, posting a few videos and then deleting the channel because its not working because im scared of what people have thought and then repeat. I want to be a...
  2. Dismal Bliss

    The Struggle is Real!

  3. AM2PM

    Do you believe in the YouTube algorithm?

    I listened to Tim Schmoyer's podcast with Matt Geiler recently where they discussed the algorithm. I'm wondering if you guys believe it? I feel like I'm being affected by it. At least one part they discussed where poorly performing videos affect the ones that come after. It certainly makes sense...
  4. Conight

    Quarter of a Thousand

    Growth is hard for someone with such a specific content genre Heres to those struggling under 1000... Goodluck and 頑張れ!