1. BestNerdLife

    1000 views and 10 subscribers!

    After a rather wonderful long weekend, my stats have jumped up past 1000 views and 10 subscribers! Got some lovely positive comments too. It really does help to motivate you doesn't it?
  2. The NotARubicon!

    Stats delay?

    My stats have always been delayed by 2 days but in the last few days stats have only been delayed by one day. Is everyone seeing only a 1 day delay now or wass I the only one with a 2 day delay?
  3. Jack Barrott

    Is my channel actually any good??

    So like the title says, I just need feedback on my content and my channel overall. I don't know if the videos I make are any good? Or even if the channel art / branding is? I'd appreciate any feedback and suggestions, thanks!
  4. SeanFace101

    What time period to you monitor over in your YouTube Analytics?

    When you are looking at your videos performances in your YouTube Analytics areas, what time do you you look at them over? :P Mine is set on the last 7 days, it used to be set to show the last 30 days. :P What is best?
  5. SeanFace101

    Does Deleting A Video Remove Its Stats From Overall Stats?

    If I delete one of my videos off my channel that has lets say 500 views, will that number of views be taken of my channels overall views statistic? I'm wondering if it stays in the overall stats even if the video has been removed as the channel has still achieved them even tho the video is gone?
  6. AlbaLnz

    About Stats and Friends (we all have suffered that, people)

    Yeah... we always get kinda obsessed with Subscribers, views, followers and all that. But that will certainly kill you.