1. RetroCrunch

    Hit 2000 Subscribers and some advice..

    Ive had my channel for just over a year now and if there is one thing i'd like to say to the up and coming creators with their 50, 100, 500 subscribers is this. Be patient and press on. I say this because when you first start out as a creator, it may take a month to hit 100 subs, or it may...
  2. KloudGames

    Gaming Looking for Ps4 Youtube collabs for my gaming group

    my friends and i are looking for more members to record on ps4 with... it doesnt matter how many subs you have just that you are active when we are playing and that you have a good microphone, no background noise other then noise like your ps4 fan in the background the group we are inviting you...
  3. georgeisland

    Gaming xbox one BO3 collabs /squad

    hello gamers I am George I am just a youtuber who just started and wants a squad or people to collab with
  4. Dread Chemical

    Gaming PS4 Crew looking for more members!

    Hello me and few other people have formed a Crew for the PS4 to play games like COD BO3, GTA 5, Star Wars Battlefront and some other games. The Requirements to get in - ACTIVE IN THE CREW (Most important) - Good Mic - Game that we play - Age above 15 - Dedicated If you are interested please...
  5. YoungFilms

    Gaming Need a Youtube collaboration

    Hey this is Youngfilms here, if someone's down to a collaboration or just to chat and stuff so hit me up on my Youtube channel or my Twitter @Young_Films30 Wish you all the best guys!My Youtube channel is called Young Films you will see it if you'll search it on Youtube