1. LCGaming

    First Solo Win Of The Channel!!!

    Hey guys, hope you enjoy the video :) Love getting feedback from people, it helps me figure out what I need to improve on and what kind of content to put out there so thank you :)
  2. Linkopotamus

    Do you record alone or with a friend?

    Hi all, just a little curious about something here. I run a pretty new gaming channel with a friend. It was an odd situation that led us to beginning this together.. I wanted to do it with someone entirely different but they flaked out on me for a month straight and I got fed up with it. I then...
  3. TheGameGateway

    By Myself or with Friends?

    As I'm only allowed to ask for a review on a singular video it's quite difficult for people to make a comparison on the two types of videos that I primarily do. I do videos solo and with my friends and I just seem to always find it's so much more fun and easier to do videos with friends than it...
  4. Rahi Official

    Stay together for the kids! WAIT FOR THE SOLO!!

    One of my favourite song. Decided to add a solo to spice things up. In the original track there is nothing. Let me know what do you guys think about it. And any Blink182 fans here??? :)
  5. Rahi Official

    Looking back to my very first video

  6. Jtpetch

    Feedback on my recent solo videos?

    So, I'm starting to do more solo videos, as the person I usually record with hasn't had time to record in a while (also because I'd just like to put out more videos than we were before), and I'm worried that my solo videos are too boring. My most recent video ("Housekeeping") I'd say is a good...
  7. Mattaxol

    MYSTERIOUS SHANGRI-LA | Far Cry 4 (Feedback please?! :))

    Starting a new series, Far Cry 4, and getting used to commentating/solo videos(/playthroughs?). Really do hope you guys enjoy, and if you have any feedback, please please let me know how to improve. Thank you!!