1. Veal Chops

    Skyrim Lore | Dead Men's Respite and the Burning of King Olaf

    Check out my latest lore video on Skyrim!
  2. Veal Chops

    Gaming Skyrim and Fallout Lore Channel Looking to Collab

    I just started a lore channel for Skyrim and Fallout 4. I'm confident that my channel will catch on eventually, but its just a matter of exposure at this point. Would anyone be interested in collaborating with me to possibly help each other grow our respective channels? If you would like more...
  3. R

    I got stuck in a well while playing Skyrim

    While playing Skyrim, I happened to glitch to the bottom of a well, forcing me to try to manipulate the game's physics in an attempt to escape the nightmare to which I had been entered into. Also, I talked about throwing rocks and Fallout: New Vegas.
  4. Veal Chops

    Looking For Feedback on my Skyrim/Fallout Lore Channel

    Hey everyone! I just started a new YouTube channel a few weeks ago for Skyrim and Fallout lore videos. I would really appreciate it if you checked out a couple of my videos and gave me some feedback so that I can know what I'm doing right, and what changes I have to consider making. Thanks...
  5. Veal Chops

    Gaming Fallout and Skyrim Lore Channel Looking To Collab

    I just started up a new YouTube channel for Fallout and Skyrim lore. Hardly any views yet because its so new, but I'm confident that the channel will grow fast once people catch on to it. I'm looking for another YouTuber to collab with, preferably someone who is also just starting up. I'd love...
  6. C

    ☻ Top 5 | Pc - Console | Skyrim Mods - #1 ☻

    ☻ Welcome People to a brand new Skyrim modding series in which i'll be showcasing up to 5 wacky, outrageous and totally amazing Pc to console mods ☻ ☻ Like And Subscribe ☻
  7. Kemono

    Really Guys... | Skyrim Special Edition

    Cave Raiding, Falmer Slaying, Beast of a time! Check it out guys! We're having some fun in the world of Skyrim!
  8. Evan Helbling

    Poisoning the Mead in Skyrim Special Edition!

    Another episode of my cute journey
  9. Evan Helbling

    Skyrim Special Edition: Joining the Thieves Guild!

    Come check it out if you would like to!
  10. Evan Helbling

    Skyrim Special Edition: Companion Quests!

    Daily Skyrim play through content here!
  11. Evan Helbling

    Skyrim Special Edition Journey to Rifted!

    Check it out if you're feeling it!
  12. Evan Helbling

    Becoming a Werewolf! - Skyrim Special Edition

    Come check out episode 6 if you'd like! Finishing the Companions!
  13. Evan Helbling

    Skyrim Special Edition Playthrough Series!

    Here is episode 5 of my play through series! Check it out and follow if you'd like to see more!
  14. Evan Helbling

    Skyrim Special Edition - Joining the Companions!

    Come check it out, i really love doing these!
  15. Evan Helbling

    Skyrim Special Edition Part 3! Come show some love!

    I will continue posting these daily and although they may be long and boring to watch, it would mean a lot if you checked them out!
  16. Evan Helbling

    Let's Play Skyrim Special Edition!

    I've just started a new let's play series with Skyrim Special Edition. Come check it out!
  17. Kemono

    Trollin and shouting at the people of Skyrim!

    Turns out that just running into people and getting mad at everything they say is fun! So long as your dragonborn and you can just shout at them... but luckily thats what i do! Enjoy!
  18. FatherofTwo

    Let's Play video lenghts? (Skyrim SE)

    FatherofTwo here, I just started a Skyrim Special Edition Let's Play, generally I have been keeping my videos to approximately a half and hour. However, Skyrim has lots of exploration and longer conversations with NPC's and my videos so far are about 45 minutes. So my question is, what is your...
  19. Kemono

    Hilarious Skyrim Adventures | Skryim Remastered

    The most interesting playthourgh of the first 2 main missions for the dark brotherhood and thieves guild you will ever see in your life. Hope you guys enjoy!
  20. Kemono

    Skyrim Remastered: Hilarious | Prologue

    The most amazing game of all time is played by yours truly. I hope you enjoy! I talk a lot of sh#t. but don't worry about that...
  21. AntonBro

    Skyrim: The story of a greedy thief

  22. TheElderScrollsGeek

    Hi New YouTuber Here!

    Hi everyone! I just started this gaming channel, focused on The Elder Scrolls series, yesterday to be exact and I wish you can give me an opinion about my channel and my video (which is the only one on my channel yet). Thanks a lot! ;)
  23. Shehzad

    Assassin! | Let's Play Skyrim Modded | #40

    It is time to uncover who the dark brotherhood are and find out what they want from me.
  24. Shehzad

    The Black Sacrament | Let's Play Skyrim Modded |

    "Sweet Mother, sweet Mother, send your child unto me, for the sins of the unworthy must be baptised in blood and fear." It's time to take on our first contract and join the Dark Brotherhood, the time arises to become a silent assassin of Sithis.
  25. Shehzad

    Summoning A Daedra | Let's Play Skyrim Modded |

    I found our final destination. I come across ritualistic necromages and end up taking an artifact from them. It's time to summon a Daedric follower.
  26. Shehzad

    The Adventure Begins Again | Let's Play Skyrim Modded

    We've finally meditated on the words of power, it is now time to find the last fire breath shout. The adventure begins again.
  27. Shehzad

    The Dragonbane | Let's Play Skyrim Modded |

    A battle ensues as I make my way through into Karthspire. Delphine and Esbern show up at the last second and ruin my glory. Also I show off some new physics mods.
  28. Shehzad

    Fighting The Frost Dragon | Let's Play Skyrim Modded

    Alduin summons a Frost dragon but he is nowhere to be found until it ambushes us down the path. Time to strike it down!
  29. Shehzad

    Finding The Archivist | Let's Play Skyrim Modded

    The Thalmor want the destruction of the blades, I am tasked with the job of finding the blades' archivist whilst putting down any obstacles that gets in my way, even if it end up being stump the dog.
  30. Zach S.

    Funniest Moments Skyrim || 2016

    It has been a great year doing Skyrim with you guys, and I hope that I was able to top it off with this final montage of the funniest moments (even though they are all freakin hilarious). Please comment below which moment was your favorite, and be sure to subscribe to see more content like this...