1. timarhoty


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  2. Yegz Designs

    Services CHANNEL ART (Logo, Banner,Thumbnails)

    Hello and welcome to Yegz Designs! Here I design various types of art for your channels such as Thumbnails, Logos, and Banners. Down below I have attached some of my work so be sure to check it out if you want a preview of my work. I am eager to work with you, so feel free to email me...
  3. huntermourad

    Request Team Members For A Narration Project

    Hello, everyone, my Name Is Mourad and I'm working on a narration project and I need a team to help me make it consistently in this request a need the help of 3 people with talents that are willing to help me make daily content on this project. the project is going to be broken down into 5...
  4. Gorgi

    Services High quality production of everything stated

    I have profound knowledge in all services that are stated in the rules! I can make you animated,voice over intro/outro 50$** or credit* Pro vectorized graphics(Banners, thumbnails…) 50$** or credit* Music 50$** or credit* The voice over is recorded with professional gear. Intros and...
  5. Tamika

    Services YouTube Banners & Thumbnails (Free or Pay What You Want)

    Hello! I make custom YouTube channel art/banners and thumbnails for free or you can pay like a $1 if you want xP up to you!! PM or comment below for contact info! Examples:
  6. O

    New YouTube Music service and Copyright less likely to be given strikes

    My friend stopped by at the YouTube Space in LA and was told by an employee there that the new YouTube Music service coming out will allow user generated uploads including remixes, covers etc and the more people subscribe to YouTube Music the more copyright holders get paid royalties and that...
  7. CJPuffinStuff

    What's A Good Service To Get intros?

    I wanna know where a good intro making service is at. I have tried some before but I wasn't sure if there was any other service that's better or has a lot of customization options. Feel free to link me to a good service and I'll check it out.
  8. Mastertv

    Animation Any animator willing to grow with me?

    I am a very passionate artist in many aspects looking for people to help them grow and vice versa. Please. if you want to collab contact me. You wont regret it. Cheers.
  9. TheRealKCG


    Hello every one i make Graphics for Social Media I have a few examples like this These are just examples of what i do get down to finishing in Photoshop CS6 if you guys would like to purchase one of these types of thumbnails they all cost $5 or £5 for each style of Thumbnail if you would...
  10. Neons_Awesome


    Hello, I make high quality channel art of any kind for any channel. My prices are low and the art is always at its best. My prices are: Banner: $2.50 Profile Picture: $2 Outro: $1.50 Thumbnail: $2 per I have a couple examples of what I can do
  11. Brilliant Beats

    Services Intros & Outros & GFX & Music Services

    I will sell (very very cheap) : Intros Outros GFX Banners Trade: My music on my channel and in return you put my channel link at the top of the description. s/o for s/o Prices: GFX Banner in P.S ($2) Intro in Sony ($1-3) Outro in P.S/Sony ($1) -Brilliant Beats
  12. MelonHeadG

    Request Need an intro for my new gaming channel :)

    Whats up guys, I have decided i am going to get back into YouTube because of how much fun I actually have playing and recording these games. Im just setting up my channel now and I have a basic banner and a really basic profile picture. I've gathered some content, and I'm ready to begin...
  13. Bro's Graphics

    Services Cheap Professional Custom Artwork, Editing, & Video Making Service (Logos, Thumbnail, videos Etc.)

    Bro's Graphics: Hello! I am selling custom made artwork, Editing, & Video Making Ideas (Icons, Logos, Thumbnails, Outros, Intros, Video Editing, Stream Layers,Editing/Retouching Photos, Artwork, and much more!) Email: Don't forget to refer a friend Q and A: Q. How does...
  14. PlaidNGlasses

    Services $1 Youtube Thumbnails

    Hey there people of yttalk. If you need a nice eye catching thumbnail, I'm your guy. Only $1 per thumbnail and if you need any reference of my skill feel free to check out my youtube channel. I make all graphics myself. If interested, hit me up. Here one that i made myself yesterday and a fifa...
  15. CameronPSK

    Services Free Graphics, Logos, Profile Pics and Thumbnails

    Need some practice, am a freelance Graphic Designer. I'll do whatever inspires me! If you would rather have more say in what I design for you, you can feel free to drop me a PayPal donation, and I will gladly improve upon your work! Here is some of my work!
  16. Divergence

    Branding design /creative grenade

    I'm by no means sponsored by them, but a lot of big YouTubers have had great designs by them. Ali-a / Nadeshot for example. I'm getting my logo and banner done by them but they also do motion graphics and websites as well!! Give them a budget and they work to that. Highly recommended, I'll post...
  17. Julius Gacgacao

    Services Free film style intros!

    I'm a filmmaker, and my summer break is about to start so I have some free time to make films. I will make intros for free, all I ask is that you let me put "Made by: Azn Films" in the bottom corner, towards the end of the intro. If you don't like the idea of that me putting my channel name...
  18. Nick Rivera

    Services Giving away Guitar tracks for your channel!

    Hi guys! I've been playing guitar for 10 years now, have a lot of experience in making music you can even check out my channel to see my playing. For a limited time I'll be giving away tracks for your youtube channel. You would just need to tell me which genre you want (more metal, folk...
  19. ThatGuyAlex

    Services Thumbnails 4 Freesies

    Hi everyone, I am here to offer you some free thumbnails! Now, mine are not the best, but they are free, so beggars can't be choosers and all of that ;) Included are some thumbnails from my own channels and from others. It would be greatly appreciated if the people of this fine community...
  20. KeniisuYT

    Services Keniisu's Graphic Shop! | Affordable and High-Quality

  21. VikkiAlice

    Request [Free] LOOKING FOR MUSIC!

    Looking for somewhere that has music that I can use like the YT Audio Library or someone that has music I can use for free, any remixes etc that are legal to use. I'm more than happy to put your links in my video/description! Thanks.
  22. Justin Beast

    Services All YouTube related graphics! (No animations)

    Hey! My name is Justin and I am a pretty good graphics creator. I make banners, profile pictures, and thumbnails for YouTube channels! Here are the prices for my services: Banners - $1 Thumbnails - $0.50 Profile Pictures - $0.25 (All payments will be through PayPal, but you will have to...
  23. Challenge this

    Request can you make me an animated intro for money!

    Hi guys I have an eating challenge channel with a comedic aspect to it and I was wondering if anyone would like to make an animated intro with some comedy in it for our youtube channel. We are willing to pay for you time so let us know if you can and if you have work to show off that would be...
  24. Zachary Thomas

    Services Anyone need a video edited?

    So I want to improve on my editing skills and I thought what better way to do that than edit more videos! So if you need any video(s) edited get with me and we can talk 1on1 and make it happen!
  25. SomeGamer79

    Services SomeGamer79 Graphics Shop | Cheap | Affordable

    Welcome to my Youtube Graphics shop! Here you will find cheap, affordable high quality graphics for your Youtube channel! I currently only offer Thumbnails, Banners, Avatar's and Outro's for Youtube but will expand soon. Prices (Paypal only!) Thumbnail - £1.50 Outro Slate - £3 Channel Art...