seo review

  1. Dutchie Abroad

    Dutchie in Review mode!

    Hello everyone!~ I've started my channel one month ago and uploaded 10 videos so far (with another one coming out today). I've been doing the best I can, utilizing the info on this forum and my own intuition. However, I feel like I need a second opinion on how I am doing. So a little more info...
  2. UnicycleFight

    Trying to take it to the next level!

    I feel like my video content has improved quite a bit since I started uploading but I know there is always room to improve! I'd also say my thumbnail/tagging game is getting pretty strong. If this were your video and you would have done something differently to make it more entertaining or...
  3. DivideAndConquer

    Can Someone Please Explain Youtubes SEO To Me Like I'm Five

    Hi My name is Trevor! :) Now ive looked at 100s of Youtube videos that supposedly explain how youtubes SEO works and how to optomise it but they all do the same thing and go into supper technical talk that i swear is for rocket scientists. lol anyway if anyone could explain it to me as though i...
  4. BIGtheRED

    A channel review, for a channel review! =)

    AHAA!! The tables have turned, my friends!! What will become of THIS adventure? In all seriousness, I am part of a five-person gaming channel (Confidence Crew). We all know each other, and we all mainly do gameplay footage (funny moments, reactions, ; some are group videos, some are...