self promoting

  1. RenOperative

    Video Essay: The Future Of Resident Evil

  2. SwaggyIndian

    Self Promotion in the comments section.

    What do you guys think about self promotion in the comments section. Is a little bit ok. How about promotion on a channel that makes similar content as you. Does it help grow a channel or hurt a channel more.
  3. Anjim

    Both of my channels losing subs in a minute

    As you all know that I run two channel anjim plays ( upload ever Wednesday) and anjim 2.0 (upload ever Mondays). When I upload a 2-5 videos someone unsub because I did sub4sub ( I don't know about it until later on). I know people say : I don't worry about subs but you will need them to grow...
  4. subversiveasset

    What are successful strategies for using Reddit?

    Reddit seems to get a very polarized response from people here. It seems that most people have written the platform off, while others have recognized that it can be very effective -- if you do things right. What are some successful strategies that you have found for using Reddit? I don't claim...
  5. Jordan Pike

    Self-promoting under multiple accounts...

    So recently I noticed a kid with a new vlogging channel that has been self-promoting in a lot of the top travel vlogging channels. He makes a comment thanking the YouTuber for the inspiration to start his own channel, and then he logs onto the same three accounts every day and gives his own...