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  1. C

    Mystery Video

    Hi everyone, So! I uploaded a video on my channel around A MONTH AGO. It's a quite specific video, with a very small audience I would say. In 4 days I got around 250 views. Back then, if I would search for my video (with the title I gave to it) my video was one of the first to come up. NOW...
  2. B

    What are these boxes in YouTube search results? How can I create or use them or are they?

    Sometimes in YouTube search results you see a box with a list of songs on the right hand coloumn in desktop view. How are they produced? I have a music channel and would like to make use of them.
  3. Kuyoyo


    Hows everyone? doing good of course? Well, I have new Opinion about Problem on Youtube. "BIG GETTING BIGGER" Thats happen now on youtube, BIG YOUTUBER getting BIGGER, but the small dont grow as much as big youtuber does. The content? it is not about the content, Small youtube can also doing...
  4. R

    Skits That Go Unnoticed

    Our reaction videos get a lot of views! Obviously because of the name, title and tags...but how come original video ideas, parodies and skits are hard to be discovered and don't do so well? When people are actually able to find them, they love our Beauty and the Beard Skits!! We did pretty good...
  5. WilBajamas

    Using Backlinks

    Hey there everyone, its been awhile since I've made a thread here but here goes. So I've been researching Youtube SEO for a week or two and I came across a topic called "Backlinks", I did some research on it and it is actually putting some of your video links on other website (small small links...