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  1. C

    Services I will Produce High Quality Royalty-free LO-FI tracks for your YouTube video.

    Hello, so for the past four years i have been in to music production and have been been making beats every day ever since. I started uploading beats to my channel and this gave me an idea to start producing royalty-free tracks for those who look for music on their video. Below you can find an...
  2. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    5 Royalty Free Music Sites - Copyright Free Background Music for Videos

    5 Royalty Free Music Sites - Copyright Free Background Music for Videos // Looking YouTube music for videos? No copyright free music for YouTube videos can be hard to find. Here are 5 Free Music Websites that offer non copyrights free from royalty free sources. Need free hip hop music, free rock...
  3. OpenMusicRevolution

    Services Introducing Open Music Revolution - Free Music for YouTubers

    Hi everyone, As a music producer for almost 10 years now, I have always wanted to have my own website for music licencing. I have been lucky enough to be able to make a living from stock music (I'm one of the top 10 authors on the site AudioJungle), but I know this isn't going to last forever...
  4. Gmilk124


    Yo my names Eric Reprid, feel free to use any of my songs in your videos, just credit my soundcloud if you do :) All of my songs are on my youtube channel. You can download the songs off of my soundcloud: Also I don't have any instrumentals, all of my songs have...
  5. Antti Luode

    Services 1600 plus free instrumentals released under creative commons 3 by.

    You can use these freely in your monetizable youtube videos.. As used by Kyle Le of and others.. You can find them by googling antti luode instrumental reddit. That should bring you to my reddit posts (under mrloop) and there are links to my instrumental songs on google drive or...
  6. Nedwin04

    Services Royalty-free Music For Your Projects!

    Need royalty-free music for your work? Check out my ever-growing library of various genres and styles here: Stay Creative! Nedwin04
  7. B

    Royalty free sources and CR risks?

    I'm speaking of sheer inexperience but are safe sources of royalty free material for commercial purposes with zero risk of illegitimate claims or any hassle by the authors/owners/uploaders of that material if they see their material being used commercially in a video reaching ...say... 1.5M...
  8. Nate Roberts

    Verifying Royalty Free Music

    So I have been creating videos and I am not sure if I want to monetize them. But on the chance that I do, I wanted to use royalty free music. So I have been using SoundCloud under the royalty free section, but after I post the video YouTube says the music has been copyrighted. So far it has only...
  9. N

    Services Affordable Quality Licensed Background Music for your Videos

    Hi there from "Nikitsan Music" We offer simple way to get great background music for almost any genre of video. "Nikitsan Music" contain hi quality small musical pieces with royalty free license which will save your subscribers from annoying ads. Please take a listen, maybe you find perfect...
  10. Rolz

    Another royalty free music channel!

    If you guys haven't already checked out Argofox music, it's a must :) Great royalty free music!
  11. A

    Cinematic Music - Land of Anama

    My latest (royalty free) piece. "Anama" is a made up word for a made up location lol.
  12. A

    Epic Intense Music - Fight For Our Kingdom

    This is my latest piece. I worked really hard on this one. And it's royalty free if anyone wants to use it in their videos :). Just read the description before you do.
  13. Whitesand

    Services Copyright-free Epic Music for Videos

    Hi there, In my channel I create copyright and royalty, download free content. Why am I doing this? Well I want to improve as an artist so I keep doing it for free, so one day it would turn into a business. I would appreciate if you use my music, to credit me, it would really help my channel to...
  14. NatalieBrownSings

    Services Pop Songs and Christmas Music Available

    Hi there! I am new to the forum. I was just reading over the different categories and saw that people might be in need of music for their videos. I have original Pop, 90's style R&B and Christmas songs available if anyone is interested in using them. I am offering songs with vocals only (no...
  15. hcetiny

    Using Purchased Sound Effect Libraries in Videos

    Does anyone have experience with using sound effects on your videos from sound libraries that you purchased? One famous example is the BBC sound library. It is stated as royalty-free sound, but I'm not sure whether I can simply monetize it. I know that there are lots of free sites offering...
  16. D


    Hey greetingsYouTubers. I am music producer Sean Shizzle. I would like to offer you music to use in your YouTube videos. You can license my music or use as promotional use only. If you would like to use my music free as promotional make sure you promote my channel link somewhere your audience...
  17. Bert McCert

    Royalty Free, Cost Free Music.

    I've had success with some royalty free cost free music but want to expand my choices for soundtrack/score. I know the main ones for me are incompetech and bensound If anyone has any more real good quality FREE music sites, it would be really cool if you would link it in this thread!
  18. Dani Girl

    Got a copyright claim on a Youtube library song

    I used a royalty free song from the YT library 2 years ago. I just got notice of matched 3rd party content "the copyright owner can choose to run ads" etc etc . I looked and the song is no longer in the library. Has anyone else experienced this with songs they used from the YT music...
  19. ChineseIrish

    Royalty Free Music?

    Not sure if this is where this post goes but anyway. I'd like to know if you guys know of a good place for good quality royalty free music? I know about the youtube audio library but the more variety the better. A cool place that I found is Bensound.