review for review

  1. Monica C.

    Brand New Entertainment Channel Seeking Advice (And possible collabs )

    Hi, My name is Monica and I've just started my youtube channel back in November. I would really appreciate any feedback and advice on my videos: My content has mostly to do with reviews of various topics and I'm hoping to grow an audience...
  2. javacentral

    Back from break and would love your thoughts on my latest video!

    Did a how to on frothing and steaming milk for coffee. I thought it was pretty quick and to the point and was pretty darn spiffy. What do you think?
  3. javacentral

    Can coffee kill you?

    So I made this neat little fella a couple days ago and learned a bunch doing it. What do you all think of it? I love making learning videos but if you think I need to tweek or make some big changes to things, I'm all ears! Oh and hey, I can check out your latest video too if you want. I'm...
  4. JC6 Sports

    Channel and Video Reviews

    Hello, I'm new to YouTube and YTtalk and I am wanting some tips and constructive criticism on my channel and videos.
  5. javacentral

    Coffee in Mexico!

    So I made a video about coffee in mexico. Now that may sound boring but don't judge a book by it's cover! I go over the history of the wonderful caffeinatedbeverage in Mexico, how a revolution is related somehow, and you also get to hear my terrible spanish accent!
  6. ComradeSupreme

    Help me out and I can help you out! All feedback is welcomed here!

    As always, I do enjoy feedback and reviews quite a bit. I edit my videos of my friends and I playing games - laughing and goofing around, probably breaking the game itself. I try to have all the funny moments and make it so people are laughing and invested in the video. Regardless of all that...
  7. javacentral

    Tried out me a little Coffee Beer the other day

    It was pretty tasty as a matter of fact! But hey if you want to let me know what ya think about it, that would be dope! I could look over your latest video to just because you gave me a bit of your time.
  8. N

    Review for Review

    Hey guys, I am a fairly new YouTuber, I have had channels in the past but the quality has been rather bad. I was wondering if some people wanted to do a review swap, where you look at my video and give constructive criticism, and vice versa! Thank you!
  9. javacentral

    Review my latest video and I'll review yours!

    Made a wonderful cup of iced coffee with some interesting things mixed in. Will check out your latest video and tell you how it is as well!
  10. javacentral

    3 types of coffee creamers you need to try

  11. A

    Can anybody review my channel?

    hey it's ak12345 here any I make music YouTube videos. My channel has been growing a lot but I want to know what I can do better. Anything helps, thanks. YouTube: Ak12345
  12. Shaygabriel

    What do you think of my new channel?

    I would like a review on my channel art, and first video! I'm new to the whole youtube scheme but I love to make videos. Thanks in advance! I'll review your channel in return if you'd like!
  13. SwankGaming

    How I'm Looking?

    Hey guys I've been on youtube for about 2.5 months and grown to 300 subs in that amount of time, but i feel like there's so much I can do to improve, but to be honest I'm not sure where nor how. May you check out my channel and give me some feedback? I'll like to hear from people that are small...
  14. L

    I will review your channel and then you can review mine!

    Hey, send me your channel links and I will try to help out. Now when reviewing my channel keep in mind that I have a Main channel with 2 years of experience and this channel is my Gaming Channel so just tell me where I am going wrong! Thx my fellow Llamas!
  15. GooberVlogs

    Review My Channel And I Will Review Back

    Wazzzup everyone =) I have had my channel for about a year now and I am getting more subscribers every other day.. Not growing fast but I will reach 100 subscribers soon I hope =) What do you guys think of my channel? I upload vlogs,Sketches and cooking... You can be honest cause I can take...