reddit a good ideas

  1. Mark Stise

    What is the best way to use Reddit?

    Hello Everyone!!! Yes i'm new to Reddit and I'm wondering What i the best way to use this site to help my channel Yes I have posted videos to various subreddits But in the 3 years i have been on that channel I have yet to gain a single friend! So I must be doing something wrong, wouldn't you...
  2. V

    Reddit submission

    Hi, I'm struggling getting the most out of Reddit. Can someone show me the most update resource about Reddit?
  3. theredletterORG

    I Can't Post YouTube Video's To Reddit Anymore....

    I have posted about 5 or 6 vids to reddit, they are Christian based vids but I can't stand the overwhelming amounts of just arrogant negative comments and actions that have come my way, especially from other people that call themselves Christians!!!! I feel like I have thick skin, and Im used...
  4. javacentral

    I'm doing an AMA on Reddit today!

    It's gonna be a blast! All you gotta do is sign up on reddit, which is free and takes like 2 seconds, and you can...well.. ask me anything! Whoops! New link for the ama!
  5. Razz_

    Reddit or not to Reddit? That is the question!

    So the title kinda speaks for it self, but I'm really wondering if I should use Reddit to help grow my channel because a lot of ppl even in YTtalk have been doing it but I've hard a lot of things like you get trolls and stuff like that so I'm kinda confused and the website is hard enough to use...