recording group

  1. 3X_

    Gaming funny moments collab people

    we need active people. don't join if you're not going to be able to record at least %70 of the time. also please answer some questions. I'll answer them too. Questions : What is your channel name? NotZUZE What is your discord name and tag? NotZUZE#4847 but definitely join the certified boys...
  2. SparkyLIVE

    Gaming Recording Group (CS:GO, Golf It!, GTA 5, GMod, etc.)

    Hello! I am looking for a group of people to make videos with often. Something like the Smii7y group. Main console: PC, but if you have Xbox or PS4 both will be recorded on when some good games drop for funny moments. Do you... Spend time on editing and recording to have the best quality...
  3. C

    Other Unity YouTube Group Sign Up! [15 years or older]

    Hello, I'm Cameron. I'm one of 5 project leaders that manages and supports the Unity group and community. Unity is a YouTube group for creative, supportive and funny people. This thread is for people to have the chance to join me and 10 others in Unity. Unity involves people getting together...
  4. PrimeSyndicate

    Gaming YouTube Gaming Group!!!

    Hey there! Me and a couple of my friends are looking for some really funny, really dedicated content creators who would be willing to collaborate with us on YouTube. We normally play on the PC, but we also play on the Xbox One from time to time. We are looking for people who are passionate...
  5. PrimeSyndicate

    Gaming Recording Group!

    So everyone knows about VanossGaming and all of his friends, right? Well you know how he has a big group of friends that he records with? Well that's what I am aiming to do. I want to create a big group of funny, dedicated YouTube gamer friends that are willing to record almost anything. Now by...
  6. tripplekillgaming

    Gaming Collaborating/Recording squad?

    Hey guy's I'm looking for people i can collaborate with and make some funny content. I'm 21 years old i play on xbox360 and a little bit on PC mainly Garry's Mod. I'm looking for people that have good mics for Skype chatting and the current games i play for xbox360 are GTA V, Battlefield...
  7. GamingTruther

    Recording Help

    I have a problem with my recording (which sucks) when I play games, but when I capture my screen it's just fine. I use a program called Open Broadcasting Software or OBS for short. The problem is that when I start recording CS:GO the recording starts for 2 sec and then freezes on that frame for...
  8. X

    Gaming Looking for PC/PS4 GROUP

    Hey there! Thank you for clicking on this link! Im lookingfor a group to play with and record! I hv a gaming pc and a ps4 so im okay with playing either. My psn is hydropump345 and my steam is xXHydro345Xx(If you cant find it search up hydropump123) Please be older than 13 w a sense of humourrr...