Other Unity YouTube Group Sign Up! [15 years or older]


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Hello, I'm Cameron. I'm one of 5 project leaders that manages and supports the Unity group and community. Unity is a YouTube group for creative, supportive and funny people. This thread is for people to have the chance to join me and 10 others in Unity.

Unity involves people getting together to play and record fun games and really just to have an extremely amazing time. Unity needs people who are willing to put time and effort into making the community better, and to join and create creative recordings.

To join Unity you are required to be 15 or older years old. You will need to complete the application below, and if you're suitable from your application you will be added on Skype for an interview. If you're accepted into Unity, you will be added into the Unity Skype chat, Unity SMP server, Unity Teamspeak and Discord. If you're denied on the application, you will not be messaged, if you're not added on Skype for over 5 days, you have been denied.

Unity requirements:
- 15 years old or older
- You need to be able to speak English clearly
- You need to be mature, but still funny to have a good time
- You need to be able to record frequently
- You need to be friendly, caring and respect all members within the Unity community.
- You need Skype account
- You need a YouTube channel

Unity offers:
- Fun and amazing recordings
- Friendly and caring community.
- Modded Minecraft SMP (Country-to-City themed)
- Teamspeak and Discord platformed chats/voice channels
- A server control panel that can host minecraft, rust, CS:GO, Unturned and other game based servers.
- A website for the Unity group


If you're applying, good luck! :D