1. Tac0cann0n

    Opinions on my content?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if I could get some feedback on the videos that I have released so far. I create gaming content for the most part, but am looking to do more formal reviews as well as other content in the future of the channel. I'd like to ask you all for comments on the content in my...
  2. pioneer1

    How does this video compare to other YouTube videos you watched this week?

    Hi all, I saw the words "How does this video compare to other YouTube videos you watched this week?" numerous times when I go to Youtube homepage. Does this impact Youtube rankings of your videos if people choose one of the worst as an example. Have a look at the image below.
  3. NRMRDyt

    Anything I Can Improve On My Profile Picture And Channel Art?

    Check out my channel by clicking on the red button that says NRMRD and tell me what you think of my Profile Picture And Channel Art. Thanks :dance:
  4. TheScouttishGamer

    Human Fall Flat Gameplay ! | Please rate ! :)

    Please rate my newest video ! :) Thanks for the read..
  5. Rendevouz

    Rate my Channel?

    Hey guys. If you are reading this I just wanted to get some feedback of my channel. I just want to know how I can improve my videos, thumbnails, Channel Art, and all that kind of stuff. You guys who are reading this, feel free to check out my channel to see what kid of content I have and rate...
  6. NeonCandy

    I need help :S

    So im new to the video editing stuff and i would like you if you could give me some tips hah :) So here is my video: *Edited by Staff*